Friday, October 13, 2006

Just Like a Race

"Hello PreK Team, Great news - we found our "1"! We are so very happy to report that Rick has stepped up and will be joining the PreK Sunday School team. Wahoo!"

Good God what did I get myself into?! I'm getting the same anxiety and butterflies that I get when getting accepted for a 100-mile race. I touched on this before, my church has shrunk considerably because of a not so smooth head pastor transition, so now to keep things going everyone is recommended to pitch in. In the past I've been involved, even going as far as being a bible study leader for a couple of years, but I've always skirted around helping with the kids, which is strange because there has never been a time in my life when I didn't like kids. I think it's because I'm not confident about my ability to control more than 3 at at time:) Those guys, some of you know, run on Energizers. It's truly a different kind of "shape", I can travel 100-miles at a time and they still tire me out.

This time around I tried to run from the job again, haha, even when asked a couple of times by good friends to get involved. Instead I signed up for the "Social Committee", you know the committee that organizes get togethers, dinners, hikes, etc. I was totally copping out, hey I'm good at running. Alas, while I can outrun my friends I can't outrun you know who so here I am. I won't bore with the details as to how I know.

So here I am, fortunately to my relief I will have a partner, there's a tutorial meeting and I have Pre-K kids. Besides while I'm anxious and worried I am also excited, just like a race.


  1. You do know I left you a comment on another version of the same post? I am NOT going to re-write it! Go find it!

  2. Ah no wonder I couldn't find it. Yes, yes, I'm sure they'll be tons of fun and I will earn my sleep on Sunday. Well it won't be every Sunday.

  3. It is said that it takes a special individual to teach Kindergarten and Pre-K is similar to that as well. I enjoyed volunteering in my daughters Kindergarten classrooms as well and it gave me a chance to act my psychological age. Good for you for helping it in that much needed area.

  4. Anonymous9:00 PM

    It's about time you work with kids....
    Remember that I work with Preschool kids at school, so any tips or pointers on how to handle them ask me and I'll do my best to give you a good answer.
    Anyway, maybe this is that step you need to may want kids so I could have little nieces and nephews running around flat Florida =P

  5. .nieces and nephe...errr right, hmmm. Not anytime soon.