Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Midweek Ramblings

RodeoBeach w:the ladiesGG Bridge
Top:Another nice Saturday. Sydney, Laura and Meredith at Rodeo Beach watching the waves and the surfers. Bottom:The view from the top of Hawk Hill.

Thanks, Thanks for all the well wishes. I may be the only guy running for the job. I'd like to tell you that it's highly contested and I will have to beat out so good folks but no, I think it's just me. What does a Run Director do in our club? Well the Run Director does what he can to promote running in the club. You know get people involved and excited. Right now we have our Tuesday track sessions and our Sunday trail runs.

So November is just around the corner. Amazing how time flies. Been thinking so much about races, events, volunteering, voting, holidays, trips, work and a whole bunch of other stuff that I forgot my birthday was coming up. I remembered the other day, forgot again and was reminded today by email from a friend. Crap another birthday if this continues I will be in another age group soon. Wait...am I already in another age group?! Well that's not so bad, maybe I can run Boston one day. I'm not fast enough now, 3:30ish, but if I manage to hang on to most of my speed as I get older I may have a chance. Anyway don't ask me the exact day cause I'm not inclined to tell. Besides these days I don't really celebrate my b-day anymore, I don't really need to since my life is constantly blessed. I am celebrated, blessed on a constant basis, by others and myself and I don't need another day to remind me of that.

Tired today. For a late night snack last night I had half of a large watermelon. My first thought was cookies so it was a minor miracle I went for fruit instead. I knew what I was doing but I did it anyway, I've never let a little common sense get in the way of my mouth. So I ended getting up 4 times during the night to use the bathroom! Nothing ruins sleep like having to get up. That will be the last time I'll do something like that...well until I forget and do it again, this wasn't the first time.

And finally the rain is coming back, supposedly minor showers but with the coming of November we know there's more on the way. Soon it will be darker, colder, foggier and windy. So it goes, need to get the rain gear out. It's already raining in the Northwest and other parts of the country already have had snow...winter is fast approaching. Maybe I'll spring for one of those lightweight ponchos, especially for cycling. My approach to rain is to wear enough layers to stay warm but never to stay dry. Get wet, get it over with and just deal with it was my motto. But these days the thought of being somewhat dry is more appealing to me, maybe I am getting older.

All good things, lots to be thankful for.


  1. Did you sen WS application yet?
    Rain...you can't tell me, living in PNW, anything about rain, I am NOT looking forward to another 6 months of wet and grey days...
    And since you are not inclined to tell us the dat, happy birthday to you today!

  2. Nope not yet. It was on "to do list" for this week though. Aww...thanks for the bday wishes. Speaking of Rain though, do you have a pair of waterproof shoes? You know the Goretex covered ones? I'd like to know if they actually help.

  3. Yes, happy birthday, whenever it may be. : ) Our winter was terrible last year. (I think yours was too.) I hope this year is a bit more mild!