Saturday, October 07, 2006

Good Morning

The part I hate about races, getting up early - up at 4:00AM. I don't know how Olga does it year round, she gets up at 4:30AM just for training. Lady it's a good thing I don't live anywhere near you:) So I'm ready, feeling heavy cause I am but what the hell, it's fall. I'm well on my way to my "holiday" weight in October, just getting a jump on the holidays.

Well I'm ready to roll out. I smell like sunscreen and my feet feel funny from all the duct tape. Just checking the internet for the distances between aid stations. I didn't bother printing it out and taping it to my water bottle, I only do that for my A races, when I'm actually trying to PR. As long as I come in faster than 10:25...I think. I shouldn't be slower than my first 50-mile time. I'd like to be finished by 4PM at the latest, car rental needs to be back by 5PM. Keep your fingers crossed. I think I'm just going to go with one bottle today. The average distance between aid stations is 3.5 miles. Besides the weather is supposed to stay cool.

Great. Have a great weekend everyone, shaping up to be a great one here. San Francisco will be crowded with all the Fleet Week festivities which includes an air race and the Blue Angels.


  1. Rick, I hope you have fun today! It's a beautiful day when you can roll out of bed and can go run 50 miles:)

  2. I hope you have a good one out there.

    Sunscreen? People still need that stuff in October? We're getting ready for 6 months of rain and darkness.

  3. You crack me up about returning the car rental before 5pm.
    That would be the last thing on my mind if I just ran 50 miles. Unbelievable.....

  4. Hey gang, it turned out to be a good day. PR'd which surprised me, not exactly in peak condition. A testament to how much stronger and faster I've gotten since 2004 when I ran my last 50.

    But no I didn't make the car rental. Gave a friend a ride home and he took a long time getting ready to go. He was in a bit of a daze after the race and moving in slow motion. Sa'll good, we've all been there. This guy is funny/crazy fill you guys in on my race report.

  5. WellRick, it's 7pm , did you get your car back on time?

  6. You must have been reading my mind.
    Did you have to pay extra on the car?

    (just kidding)

    50 miles...I suppose your legs aren't sore either.

    Can I have your autograph?

  7. Time?
    And Charmin Ultra Soft?

  8. how did it go??? I spent the day on a plane....I am thinking a but easier than your day..

  9. Stephen you don't need my autograph. I'm only an ultra running legend in the walls of my own apartment.