Monday, October 09, 2006

A Nice Surprise

Firetrails pictures click here

I actually came in at 9:03:28, 35th out of 150 that finished out of 162 starters. Wow I was much closer to breaking 9 hours than I thought. Where did I get 9:12? Had I known at the time....what's 3:28 over the course of a 50-miler? If I had upped the pace earlier, took less pictures, chatted less, ran harder on the flats, enjoyed the scenery less, walked less...So close! Alright shut up! shut up in there! It was a great racem, the final time will not change that.

I was chasing three friends and never caught them. Brian Wyatt at 8:46, Vladimir Gusiatnikov at 8:56 and Kevin Swisher at 8:58. I've never raced against Vladimir but I have against Brian and Kevin and I am inspired/impressed with their performances, especially with Brian. Last I saw him was at Rio del Lago 100 while pacing Olga. He was struggling to stay upright and according to Georgia, his pacer, cut his losses and dropped at the 83.5 mile mark. Well 2 weeks later here he is with a great time at Firetrails. I might see Brian and Kevin again at Quad, hopefully Georgia too.

Firetrails Unofficial 2006 Results


  1. Awesome time, just awesome! I may never come run Firetrails now, I am scared... How come Georgia didn't get you? :)
    Tell Vladimir way to go, Russian boy! Moskva za nami!

  2. Georgia bruised her heel and wasn't able to run for a couple of weeks. Plus she was flying out the very next day for Australia with her parents. I guess she wanted to be in decent shape for that. Wedding in the family I think.

  3. Great time on the 50 miler. Thanks for posting the results as well.

  4. Woo Hoo.. Well done Speedy!

  5. wowow..congrats on the awesome finish!!!!