Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lunch Run

Wow, it should be like this everyday. Almost makes me want to switch my evening runs to lunch runs. Been so busy lately, today was the first day I've been able to run this week. Eh it's okay my body needed the two day break. It's gorgeous out there, sunny blue skies, very clear and no wind. Low 70s. We are nearing the end of our Indian summer, soon the rains will come. Too bad I couldn't stay out longer. Legs were predictably tight and heavy but they should be better tomorrow after today's recovery run. I really should stretch more.

This weekend is the Nike Women's Marathon and it looks like we are going to have similar weather. That's going to be a long yet exciting day. I'm co-lead at an aid station with my friend Kristin. There's the set up before the race, clean up and tear down. I already volunteered Kristin for driving duty, driving the big white truck full of supplies to the aid station the morning of the race...yeah that was nice of me. However in turn I have to be the palette mover guy, with the help of some motorized gizmo that they will teach us to use Saturday stuff. Our biggest worry is where to get Peet's coffee in that part of town since we have to pick up the truck at 4:30AM, a couple of hours before our local Peet's opens. Hmm...very critical that coffee thing. Anyway back to work and some food. A nice break, I'm glad I carve out some time in the schedule to get out there even though it wasn't very long.


  1. Buy it ahead if time, warm up in microwave:)

  2. I understand the coffee thing. Good luck with that. : )