Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Virtual Run

So E-Rod and friends has been organizing these Virtual Runs. Very cool concept. A starting time and date is chosen and all those involved runs at that time. Today there were 13 runners signed up and it was the 5th edition. There were runners from the Philippines, Malaysia, UK and US. Then everyone blogs about their experience.

The starting time was very doable, 1:30PM, my lunch time. The guys in Asia on the other hand, their starting time was 4:30AM!. On top of that the runners in the Philippines had to also contend with the possibility of rain, it's winter there. Here, it was sunny, warm and breezy. I had a great / hard session at track practice last night so this was a recovery run for me. I took my camera and was out for a little over an hour but I probably only covered 5 miles. I must say it was a pretty cool experience knowing that there were other runners on the same page.

Enjoy the pics.

At the Crookedest Street in the World, a popular tourist spot. I love it for the views of North Beach, the Oakland Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, Treasure Island and the East Bay.

Hyde Street. Looks much better with the Cable Cars going up and down. The area with the ships is Aquatic Park where I do my open water swims.

At Aquatic Park, great views of the North Bay, the Marin Headlands and Mt. Tam. This is one of my favorite views because of all the races and training runs I've done in that area and every year there are always new reasons why I love it out there.

On one of the finger piers. Some people prefer to Segway, like we need another reason not to exercise. The building on the right is Alcatraz Prison. It looks close in this pic but it's a mile away. Last week some swimmers left from Aquatic Park to swim to the island and back but had to be called off 1/3 of the way into the swim because of heavy fog. A friend who participated said that when the fog rolled in you had no idea where the island was or your general direction unless you looked back to San Francisco. Spooky.

And another shot of the bridge from the waters edge in the Marina. I love those hills, they ain't very tall but there's many of them:)

The End. Hope you enjoyed the mini-slide show. Kudos to E-Rod and all who participated. You can follow their recap on their individual blogs. All are listed on E-Rod's site.


  1. great that you could join us for this one, rick. cool pics. looks like a travel blog for s.f.

    i could imagine swimming out to alcatraz and have the s.f. fog roll in like that. pretty scary stuff.

    dang, that's a lot of people on segways. was that a segway tour or something? you musta looked strange to them running on, imagine this, your own 2 feet.

  2. Very very nice pictures, you picked great views of SF. Man, I love this city...if only you had Oregon around:)

  3. wow...what a beautiful day in the city! Someday I need to run in the city and actually go on some of those hills; I've always been lazy and just done waterfront runs :)

    Makes me want to run up there again!

  4. Olga, are you ready!!! Excited for you. I'm slightly jealous too. Back to back hard 100s. So crazy.

  5. Hey Rick!

    It must be a challenge to run in SF! At the same time though it will prepare you for the mountains:-)

    Great pics!

  6. The most beautiful city in the world, no question.

  7. Squirt =P11:53 AM

    good pics and NO FOG! love it when it has no fog! =]

  8. Virtual runs...That is pretty neat!

    Fantastic pictures. You have incredible views...and many hills! And it looks like is was a fantastic day for a run. Good stuff, Rick!

  9. You're making me miss SF and I'm walking around with a big " ? "...what in I doing in Orlando???? Like the pics from P.I. great idea to run with those guys.

  10. Love the pics! Sniff...sniff...I miss the bay area sometimes. What a beautiful day!

  11. Aaaw, you're making me drool with envy. Love the pics. I'm missing SF already. Lucky you for having such a great place to run in!

  12. Hey kids, thanks for all the nice comments.

    e-rod: yes they have Segway tours. I heard they were fun but seriously, going on foot is better unless you have a condition that makes walking or running impossible or a hardship. I'm glad those things didn't catch on with the public in SF. I think we even banned them in downtown due to our narrow streets.

    Olga: I am scared and excited for you. I know first hand how beautiful and sadistic that trail is. I hope Rob brought earplugs.

    Addy: I saw the pics of your default run along the Santa Cruz coast, makes me want to run there., I'll get a chance at the Big Kahuna Triathlon in September.

    Steph: I wish I had a pool in my building.

    Donald: I hope you are still not crunching those numbers from Vineman. See you at Firetrails.

    Squirt: Next time you visit we will go on some fog walks so I can show you how nice fog is.

    Jean: I think it was called the Biltmore Estate in NC. The most visited winery in the US.

    Mom: Everytime I'm in Orlando I think "what am I doing here? :)

    Sarah: I was thinking of you when I was looking towards the East Bay. Old stomping grounds right.

    Jaymie: I'm glad you turned back and ran at a safer less scary place. Hope to run with you guys again for VR6.

  13. Nice pix & recap
    and the view of "the Rock" is awesome. If my daily route is only like that I will never get tired of running! see u on the next VR. mabuhay!

  14. Nice pics, Rick, and interesting concept. I lived in the cty (SF) for 6 years, and was pretty depressed about the loss of terrain and breathtaking views when I moved to Chicago for 4 years. But I'm still happier now doing most of my running on the trails in the SF burbs.

  15. wow! another ultra-runner and triathlete joins the vr! welcome, rick. i wish i could also do ultras like you and e-rod. you guys are really tough!