Friday, August 10, 2007


Does that look like the face of someone stressed out over a race? At Sports Basement buying my Carbo Pro and at a birthday party/going away party. No alcohol but I had to say goodbye to a new but now leaving friend. He's headed to Colorado, mmm...big steep mountains.

Ah Thanks, thanks for all the encourgement and support. No worries I will hit bed soon although I can't promise the sleep. I don't really sleep the night before a race. Last year at WS I went to bed early, fell asleep at 10PM woke up at 11:30PM and was awake for the entire night. Just the way I am, I get my sleep the days leading up to a race, not the night before. So I did manage to get some sleep in this week. I even took some after work naps to help with the rest. I'll be okay for tomorrow despite only the usual couple of hours of sleep I get before a race. I get like this even for 10ks.

Almost ready to go. Just gonna double check the bags, double check the race info then it's bed. Not much fear and doubt, just excitement now. The day I stop getting excited for these events will be the day I think about hanging up the shoes. Hopefully that day never comes. I think about Helen Klein or how about that young 70yr. old Karsten Solheim finishing at WS100 this year.

What a great sport, what a great community and a get a full dose tomorrow.

The last comment on my blog was from Mark Tanaka. I'd like to point out this dude whooped butt at Kettle Moraine 100. His first 100-mile win. Some of you know him already but here is his report anyway. I'll be using some of that for inspiration tomorrow as well as all the other great stuff I've read from the other blogs. Rob I'm rooting for you hitting 100 miles for the week.

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