Thursday, August 09, 2007


So I've been clearing the clutter in my apartment. Olga wants to stop by on Sunday so she can get a shower before catching her flight back in the afternoon. Being a wife and a mother of two teenage boys I'm sure she can spot clutter a mile away. Don't want to get yelled at in Russian for keeping an untidy apartment, haha.

Getting excited. Getting that "down to business" mindset. This is where I get quiet and stoic - my best impersonation of cool, calm and collected. Time to take care of the little details. Time to dust off some of the gear, drop bags, lights and all that stuff I only use at a 100. Thinking about using gaiters for this race, never used them before but I would like less "stuff" in my shoes.

Definitely pumped now. Excited about the prospect of running Marin at night, never done it before.


  1. I spot the clutter because I am all about feng shui and un-clutter naturally, I just hate STUFF in general anywhere. Yes, expect me to make jokes for sure, and don't confuse it with cleanliness. I dust rarely at home. But I throw anything I see around and think it doesn't get used constantly.

    Good mind set. In 2 weeks I'll throw my bags together:) Have fun!

  2. olga said...Bob, you can't pull an all-nighter before GT, I am staying with you and need my 4 hrs of sleep!!! Ask Rick, I made him go to bed early at Bighorn:)
    First things First ... LOL Olga thinks she is going to make me go to bed at 10pm for my FIRST 50 better drug me up if u think I will be able to sleep hun :-)

    Secondly, Rick way to get rid of some clutter, I am feeling like I need a CLUTTER SWEEP OUT in my place...

    and Third...Time for you to ZERO in like you are doing, take ur experience and make this ur best race ever...well at least with that mindset, who the flock knows what will happen 70 miles into :-)

    You will do great Bro.

    PS any tips on rooming with Olga...I can hear her say " Bob PLEASE shut up & go to sleep"--lol

  3. Good luck with that clutter. If I lived alone I'd have none of it! Glad to hear you're getting excited about your race. : )

  4. Bob here's a few tips:
    • Don't snore or she'll throw you out.
    • Be ready to watch a lot of cable tv, she seems mesmerized by it before a race.
    • Don't take too long in the bathroom.
    • And the whole time you are with her you have to hustle, she does everything quick.

  5. Ha! Point in case, very good:)

  6. OMG Rick I am soo screwed ...

    well one thing I can do is NOT snore, umm maybe watch some of that tv but I am slow in the bathroom,(hard work looking this pretty) and hustle ahhh won't we be doing enough of that on the course...geesh


  7. Rick, of course you are designed to do 100's. These are but growing pains. Have fun this weekend and run great! (BTW If you are reading this pre-race, go to bed! I'm up online because I'm working.)