Friday, August 31, 2007


"B" is for Bob and Blogging. Another blogger friend who is attempting his first 50-miler tomorrow. He left warm, flat, non-hilly central Florida for the Grand Tetons and the mountains. Sure Bob let's make your first harder by staging it in the mountains. Haha I love it.

Called him this morning. I don't think he'll be sleeping tonight. He's getting funny pains, body's try to psyche him out I think. The lodge is at 8000ft. and the altitude is affecting him. He left his laptop which is probably a good thing but Olga's bummed she won't be able to check email:) She's on her way with her son Stephen, driving from Oregon. I'll get the updates from her via text. Anyone know if the Tetons race has a webcast? I'll visit the website and find out.

Good luck Blogger Bob!


  1. You probably already found out that there's a webcast on the web page:

    In response to your previous post: It sounds like you are jumping right back into your training nicely. I know its different but I still had a chuckle that you can RUN 100 miles, but are worried about 80 and 70 mile bike rides.
    : )

  2. Oh you know, totally different animal. How's the hip going? I hope less testy.

  3. Yes, I couldn't leave it alone. :>) He did it!!!