Saturday, August 11, 2007


Go Time.

Woohoo. Time to play. Thanks again for all the good wishes and support. Good luck to all the runners at the Cool Canyon 12hr run, they're starting at 7PM tonight. I'll be thinking of you guys this evening. Hopefully it's not too foggy tonight for that meteor shower.

See ya'll on the other side of the Headlands Hundred.


  1. You're out there right now...having a great time, I'm sure. Woohoo! : ) Looking forward to your report.

  2. Game ON Bro!! Look forward to ur report!!

  3. Hey! Congratulations on the awesome run :D It was so fun to finally meet you and get to help you a little at the aid station that first time around. Sorry for being a dolt and asking what distance you were doing, it took me a second to place you and realize you were this rick :) You looked so strong out there and, from browsing the results, it seems like you kept it strong for the rest of the night! Congrats again :D


    Oh Sure Now U can sleep huh, what does it take for u to sleep ? RUN 100 miles in 24 hours you friggin Stud...Congrats Bro look forward to ur report!!

  5. Marin Headland is home turf for me. There wasn't a section of trail in that course that I wasn't familiar with. I absolutely under estimated the difficulty. It was tough. I felt like someone took one my flip flops and beat me with it.

    Kudos to Wendell and PCTR for devising a challenging 100.

    Sarah - I totally used your son's line. "Guys we have a shot at under 24, there's no point in not trying". I gave him full credit too and pointed out that he's only 7yrs. old.

    Addy - no worries. I was only strong till about mile 80, then I turned into a whimpering ninny. In all seriousness, thanks for coming out. I got pics and once I post you can download from my flickr site.

    Bob - Olga kept me awake after the race. I was able however to sneak in a nap while she cleaned up. Now all I want to do is sit in the couch and do nothing.

  6. rick know you're not supposed to drop the 50-mile thing right away. Sheesh, buy her a drink first:)
    LMAO, I am such a rookie, man I have a lot to learn...(sigh)))

    Did I tell u she was hot--lolol

    go to sleeppppppppppp !!! YOU & Olga had a EPIC Weekend :-) ...umm Epic is the new word I think to use in reports now--haha

    Good night bro

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