Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Anxiety. The last two days my sleep has been interrupted. I'd wake up eyes wide open, seemingly well rested but I know better because I've only been in bed about 4 hours or so. The first day I got up, watched TV for half an hour then went back to bed. Today I just forced myself back to dreamland. This usually happens when I'm dealing with work related stress. I'll keep getting up in the middle of the night until I find and deal with the issue. This time however I think it's the race which makes no sense.

This will be my 5th 100 and course wise the easiest of the last 4. Unlike the first four, I actually know this trail, not only do I train here regularly but I've raced here many times. There's no stretch of trail on this race that I haven't run on before. There's no problem with excessive heat or moisture and the trail itself is very runnable / not too technical. So I don't get it. I only lose sleep the night before races but that's for all types of events.

So my only guess right now is that on a subconscious level I am very worried about the hamstring. I'm not worried about it in my waking moments but deep down maybe it's bothering me. How to convince the guy inside to let go so I can get some friggin' uninterrupted sleep:) Or...or maybe my body remembers what the last 2 100s have been like and doesn't like the idea of another one:) Maybe I'm just not cut out for 100s. I've done well in all the other distances except the 100. No shame in admitting that I guess. Well we'll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe I can just sleep earlier...ha right, that will happen.


  1. Forget hamstring. It is exactly becuase you know the course, it is an easy course, and you are running out of excuses how not to put pressure upon yourself. Don't try - because the pressure is internal and you are in denial. Accept the nerves, accept your limitations, accept the responsibility to push when you can and a bit when you can't, and analyse next morning at the coffee with me:)
    Sleep is overrated anyway.
    Chill. I have worse case. Quite frankly, it doesn't matter whether or not I finish and waht time I finish, my life will not end because of that. Neither will yours. But we'll be reacher for experiences.
    Now get out and run 22 hrs, dude! And prepare yourself to suck it up in the last 30 miles, no whining allowed! It's gonna hurt no matter what you do and how perfect your race went - you are gonna hurt badly and want to slow down. Don't let yourself do it! Roar, man! Like a Sea Lion! (Do they roar?)
    OK, if you're completely upset, call me, I'll run with my cell:)

  2. You're as cut out for 100M as anyone else out there. Yes, the hamstring should be a concern, but losing sleep between now and then won't help. Think positive!

  3. Haha...I can imagine it.

    ...ring, Olgie how's your run? Nice, really? Mine is sucking, can I quit? My leg is about to fall huh...alright see you for coffee later then. If you don't hear from me by 8AM that mean's I'm still on the course ok...alright bye now.

  4. Don't forget, I need a shower before my flight, so not much later:)

  5. Rick, may you get some good rest, and my best wishes to you in the in the hundred! I think you are going to do great, and I look forward to hearing about the experience.

    All the best!

  6. Rick Said:Maybe I can just sleep earlier...ha right, that will happen.
    LOL that will not happen, I have not had ONE early morning run I said well Maybe when I get to the Tetons, Friday I will just go to bed around 9pm--HAHAHAA ...friggin will probably pull an all nighter before the race...

    OK Don't listen to OLGA-- her comment scared me :-0 Especially the part that said Suck it up the last 30 miles--LOL sure why not, it's just 30 more miles...ahhhh I THINK I am going back to drinking and playing online poker--that was healthier.

    FOCUS Rick, U will do great & No worries on ur hammy & if it craps out with 30 miles to go, well just suck it up--lol

  7. I have no good advice for you so all I can offer is prayers and well wishes. Have a good one and I look forward to the report.

  8. Maybe you're losing sleep because you're worried you won't get back in time for Olga to get her shower. ; ) : )

    Just imagine how it will all fall into place on race day. Best of luck to you! : )

  9. Squirt =P10:04 PM

    psht i dont think you're subconsciously worrying about that. maybe it's more your pork-rope saying "dang i miss squirt and sausage, f that i ain't gon let you sleep til you see them!" hahahaha! =P

  10. Bob, you can't pull an all-nighter before GT, I am staying with you and need my 4 hrs of sleep!!! Ask Rick, I made him go to bed early at Bighorn:)