Friday, October 19, 2007

TAG: I am a runner because....

Grand Canyon 2005
Halfway up the Grand Canyon's North Rim, about 3000ft. or so with my friend Jason Arth (red). This was during our 2005 Rim2Rim2Rim crossing. Photo courtesy of J.P. Sulpizio. JP and Stephen pulled ahead, Jason and I brought up the rear. More hiking than running at this section.

I think about running when I'm biking
I daydream about running when I'm in spin class
I daydream about running when I'm swimming
I look forward to the run in my triathlon races
I take into account running form when I'm checking out the female runners
I like watching other people run but get jealous when I can't
I think the best time to catch up with someone is to go running
I run in the places I visit
I've traveled just to run, races or otherwise
Black/missing toe nails don't bother me anymore
Because running makes me feel like a super hero

Mostly because I've grown to love it. I am passionate and feel incomplete without it. While a tough race or a tough season will knock the love out of me, it comes back with my strength. Am I addicted? You betcha.

Tagged by The Bull Runner and now I tag...hmmm, eni-meeni-mini-mo: Addy, Sarah, and Jean.


  1. Awesome picture! Funny about checking out the female runners. : )

  2. Me too buddy. Some of those chicks are smokin hot ;-) :P

    That pic is GREAT!!

  3. wow...I didn't know you did a R2R2R! Is there a report of that lying around somewhere? What a nice blog idea :) Thanks for the tag!

  4. That is a great picture!! I have hiked part of the Grand Canyon and at the time I hate it. I have changed so much since then though that now I want to try again. I think DH and I might try it again soon.

    I like your list!

  5. Thanks for the tag, Rick...and dang, you beat me to the line about female runners! :)

  6. WOW...That was too sweet!

  7. She sways her arms too much. Let's scrap her off my ideal woman list.

    Is that the way it goes Rick? hahaha

    Thanks for answering! Nice photo :)

  8. Absolutely stunning picture and great reasons.