Monday, October 15, 2007

Final Thougts

Initial Thoughts

I'm over my disappointment with not getting my first time goal, it only took 3 glasses of red wine, a sushi dinner and a bit of sleep. My sleep was short due to overall soreness. While I may take a couple of doses of Ibuprofen in a race I stay away from it during the recovery process. I got more sleep than Donald though:) I woke up Sunday morning in a good mood, laughed as I remembed the race. Got away with another good one.

So the last post was a bit melo-dramatic with me complaining about being too tired from all the racing, boohoohoo, poor me. Everything I said was true though and I wrote it so you folks can see that all this activity does take a toll on me. Seems like I'm always running here, running there, biking here biking there, racing this and racing that. Yes, there is a cumulative fatigue and tiredness that I feel after all that. Those of you with similar or even harder schedules can relate. People with kids can more than relate! That's a non-stop event with no finish line. I was reminded of that at the post race bbq.

Overall it was a great race and it was as social as I thought it would be with all the friends I knew who would be in attendance. I'd like to make one correction to something I said about this race though. Last year I said that the race is mostly single track trails despite the name. I must have been delirious, again, because it actually does have a fair amount of fire road. Some people don't care, I don't, but there are folks out there like my friend Olga who prefers single track. Crucial information for people like her.

Enjoy the pictures and the captions.

With the Donald himself.

Zombie Runner was proudly promoting their new line of coffee. Don and Gillian giving away free coffee. The happy recipient is Steve "downhill bomber" Ansell.

Chris Marolf and family. The race venue was family friendly. Lot of kids and parents everywhere post race. Chris told me that a picture of me that he took from Headland Hundred made it to Utra Running magazine, we're not sure. Neither one us has a subscription to the mag.

Finally met Eric. Life has been crazy for Eric, causing him to cut down on training but he came away nevertheless with a sub-11 hour finish.

Addy at the finish. Addy has a trademark sprint finish, it's a hair flying, grass tossing, dirt scattering finish. I heard the usual clapping given to finisher's raise to hootin and hollerin. A bunch of us looked over from the picnic tables and saw arms flying all over the place and I thought to myself, that must be Addy finishing. Like a tornado that girl. A runner with a good positive spirit.


  1. Anonymous3:12 AM

    hahaha "booohooo me"
    too funny!
    can't believe it's just ONE MORE WEEK!

  2. Great pics! I always thought you and e-rod looked like twins, but after seeing you guys together I laugh at myself for even thinking it.

    I'll go over what you wrote later. My 2 kids want to view all your pics especially the dog on your sidebar again!

  3. Coupla' good lookin' guys in that first pic, huh?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me after the race about moving up to 100s. I think I've talked myself off the ledge now - whether that's a good thing or bad remains to be seen, I guess.

    Now I need to get my race report cranked out ...

  4. Yes, there is a picture of you in the recent UR mag! I meant to mention it. I'm glad you had a great time. It's okay to whine a bit now and do train hard! I'm feeling a bit jealous, but I'll be at Firetrails someday! : )

  5. If you had drank 6 glasses of wine, not only would you have gotten over the disappointment of your first time goal but also whatever time goal you had next ;-) That's why I have a bottle of vodka with me at all times. Kidding!

    Great pics!!! ;D ;D

  6. Anonymous6:55 PM

    wow you two finally met. running world is getting smaller eh? but in a good way of course. i was off running for a month but tomorrow i'll do my favorite VR :-) tara?!

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    so i see YOUR DOG has been a big hit with kids! hahaahahaha, man that sausage on legs gets more attention than necessary!

  8. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Rick, it was nice running with you. Here are a couple of photos I took early on. Let me know which ones you like:

    By the way, 8:51 is not shabby!


  9. Rick, I have always appreciated your candor on your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections. I find them very motivating. Rock star!

    I hope you are recovering quickly!

  10. haha, "like a tornado" :)Great description!

    Glad you're feeling better about the race now. It really is an excellent time, especially with the muddy sections! Going for a course PR generally seems more sensible than just an overall one, since all courses have their own differences. Hope you're getting a little break in your schedule now? What's next on the calendar?

  11. Thanks for the tip:) We finally met Donald too, thatnks for your close-up! This is why I take a month off in a season...although I am jealous...

  12. I know how disappointing it is to miss your time but you should be proud of the time and the fact that you ran that far!! :>) The pictures are great!

  13. I forgot to ask, why do you take Ibuprofen during but not after? I thought that was opposite of what people advise. Let me know. :>)

  14. There isn't anything some wine and sushi can't fix! :)

    Great pictures, Rick. I love to see all those smiling faces! Races are such wonderful, positive places to be!

    Again, my congratulations to you!

  15. Dude! I'd kill for a sub-9 at Firetrails! I think hanging back with Chris and me early on must have slowed you down :-). It was great running with you at the start. You had a good race even if you didn't hit your time goal. See you out there next time!

  16. Great job Rick, hope ur recovering well and ummm not on too much of that wine :-)

    Good Pics!!!

  17. Great pics from the race. I hope Donald means that you talked him into moving into the 100's.