Saturday, October 20, 2007

San Francisco One Day

SF 12/24
Today was the Pacific Coast Trail Runs "San Francisco One Day". A 12 and 24 hour run. It was held at Crissy Field where runners ran a loop that was just a bit over 1-mile.

My first job was giving directions and parking. That started roughly with me directing runners to park at an area that was roughly 100 yds. from the start, in the grass no less. Ooops sorry folks. I got my chance to apologize when the runners came back to move their cars. Everything from there moved pretty smoothly though. Helped out in the general area/aid station. At noon I left to attend my last Nike Marathon meeting. Thankfully it was just across the street, at the truck depot, couldn't be any more convenient than that. Instead of going home from there as I originally planned, I went straight back to the race and stayed another 4 hours. It was hard to stay away and there was lots of food, some were brought by runners and spectators - some really good stuff which you should only be eating if you were running. Didn't get home until 5PM.

This was my first experience in a timed/closed loop event and I saw a couple of things that I haven't seen in the trail ultra's that I've done. First there was the row of coolers, folding chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, luggage alongside the trail before and after the aid station. The personal aid stations of the runners. One runner had his own water cooler filled with his favorite sports drink. Second, there was email available for the runners. Supporters could go to PCTR's site and send a note, Wendell would print them and we the volunteers distributed them to the runners. People were genuinely pleased to receive email, it was a nice break from all the running but most read as they ran. The food for the event was great too. Runners and spectators contributed, it was like an ultra aid station potluck. However it was the kind of food that you can run with, eventually you wanted to step away from all the baked goods and get something more substantial.

The race started at 9AM. When I left a quarter after 4PM, Jon Olsen was leading the 24-hour race with over 50-miles and Akos Konya was leading the 12-hour race.

DC Lundell at the start. The official photographer for the race.

"Oh you're Michael Popov. We have a mutual friend, Olga, good luck with your race." Michael at the start.

Personal Aid Stations

Wendell and Vladimir at the timing tent.

Donato coming in after another loop.

Lastly, Flora and Lauren(?), hard working aid station volunteers showing off their new Firetrails 50-miler 25th Anniversary finisher's jackets from last weekend.


  1. great photos :) I was originally planning to do the 12 hour event, before I decided to do Firetrails. Looks like it was a beautiful day!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous spot to have a race!

    Tossing and turning? Me? :>P

  3. Oh that's what was going on!

    I was walking through there at around 9am, and kept getting passed by the same people over and over again. Some had bibs that said 12 hr and some said 24 hr.

  4. Dude, that is so cool!! How sweet would that be to have e-mails printed off. Running while reading, pretty darn sweet ;-)

  5. Wow, what an interesting event. And the e-mail support is a pretty cool idea. I am trying to imagine my funny guy father e-mailing me during a race. It would probably say something like:

    "Run faster!" :)

    Great pictures!

  6. I am so bummed I missed this race - a mere stone's throw from my home!

    It sounds like you had a good time!

    Going to race it next year? ; )