Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike Women's Marathon

Brian August, my co-aid station lead, doing a dry run with the troops; "alright guys hold out your drinks, call them out so they know what it is and don't step out too far - don't narrow the lane.

We had to pick our Enterprise truck, laden with supplies, at 5AM in Crissy Field - just across from SF One day. Eager to check in on the PCTR and the 24-hour runners I came in at 3AM. My friend Katy, who was also a Nike volunteer and my ride, agreed to head out early with me. She was reluctant to leave once she got herself settled at PCTRs race tent but she was needed at Union Square for Bag Check duty. 2 hours passed quickly and soon I was leaving for the truck depot but not before having some breakfast at the tent.

I and my co-aid station lead Brian was at our aid station by 5:30AM, an hour before we were meet our volunteers from Stuart High School. Red Cross was already there, the same folks who worked this station last year. The lead guy, Steve, turned out to be an ultra-marathoner. He did the marathon distance at Firetrails and was planning to do his first 50-miler at Helen Klein.

Amelia and Mary, bike escorts to the front runners.

It went like clockwork and the experience was a whole lot better than last years. We owe much of it to Stuart High School. They were a fantastic group. High schoolers are a funny lot. Focused, they get a lot done. Unfocused, things start flying all over the place. It was only a matter of time before they started playing "light saber" with the Gatorade mixing sticks. The adults leading them were on top of things however and they kept those kids going, no one was sitting around doing nothing. If Stuart High comes back to work this station, I could be convinced to return for a third time to lead it. They were a pleasure to work with. Thank you Stuart High.

It was a warmer day than usual and we ran out of water at the end of the day on the 25 mile side of the station. They hit one side going out for their mile 17 and came back the other side for their mile 25. We got resupplied quickly but it should have never have happened. We at least had Gatorade to serve them. I was keeping an eye out on the water so it was totally my responsibility. Brian and I put the call in for more before we totally ran out but because of traffic it took some time to get to our stations (the aid station before ours also ran out).

Cleanup and packing the truck went even smoother than set up and we were back in the yard 2 hours faster than last year.

I came home and crashed for 4 hours. From the door straight to the couch. I didn't do a single workout all weekend, only ran a single mile (one loop at the SF One Day), but felt like I had just come through an ultra. A great weekend of volunteering, I wouldn't change a thing.

Yours truly. It was a beautiful day...and yes I'm addicted to the visor - I don't like the sun in my eyes.


  1. Rick, it says so much about you to spend so much of your time volunteering for so many events. ie you are a great guy! :>) I hope to give back to the community next year.

    I have the Nike Marathon on my list to run some year. It looks like a fantastic event.

  2. Rick,

    Thanks so much for being out there on Sunday!
    I ran the Marathon (my first road marathon!), and while I didn't catch you and your visor, I definitely filled up at mile 17. I was the girl yelling "do you have a pitcher of gatorade" as I approached with my handheld. ; )

    Feel free and drop me a line at ssyed AT if you want my lil' race report!

    Thanks again!


  3. You were the energizer bunny volunteer this weekend! Glad you had fun too!

  4. Rick, you inspire me with the gifting of your time.

    If I hadn't been planning to race this coming weekend, I would have been out there myself. You have sold me on adding it to my list of events for next year (that is if I am not completely burnt after June 22nd!).

  5. I absolutely agree with Lisa (java) you're such a great guy!! I'll have to run a race where you're volunteering ;-)

    On a totally unrelated note, I'm totally jealous of your tan. Come on, what does a girl have to do around here to get a decent tan . . .probably not live in NY LOL

  6. Yeah my Mom is like that too. Brown for most of the year and then nice and brown in the summer. Damn my Dad for being white. I'm straight up yellow LMAO!

  7. Way to go, Rick! I think it is so cool that you spend so much time volunteering. That is something I really need to do more of. Nice job!