Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Track is Done

Kezar Stadium after track practice, as seen through the lens of my mobile phone.

So that's it, tonight was the last night of track practice for our triathlon club. Where does the time go? I can't believe we are already halfway through September. It doesn't seem that long ago when we restarted track workouts back in February. Too bad really because I could use more track work, all the way to November. I spoke to a friend who trains with the other tri-club on Tuesday nights and he told me their program also ended tonight. A handful of them have fall races and may just come down anyway and run their own workouts. I'm welcome to join he added but there's no coach and they'll just make it up as they go along. Dunno, sounds like a good idea. I might be down on meeting some new people and continuing my track workouts. Spoke to Coach Duane before I left, he recommended longer intervals for the stuff I'm doing; 1600s, 800s and 400s. Maybe I'll download some track workouts online too.

Anyone know of a good site? First thing that comes to my mind is Runnersworld.


  1. RIck,

    The book, "Run Less, Run Faster" by Bill Peirce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss has great speed interval workouts. Each workout is different for the type of race your training for and a pace chart you should run each interval for the "VO2 max level" you are currently able to run. There are also great Tempo run workouts as well. Great Source.

  2. I'm with Dave only because that's all I know :P And I hate their speedwork so that means it should be something you like (cause you're a weirdo and like track repeats :P ;-) ) HAHA

  3. Squirt =P9:13 AM

    it's so wierd to see your blog transform from this cool design to like totally simple.
    i think it's too nakey, but the banner at the top is pretty dandy. =]
    anyway, im in school and i think the area im in has a slower wifi connection or something cause its not as fast as it was in the other building -_-
    anyway, today was the FIRST day i brought my macbook to school!! ahaha. anyway, talk to you soon.
    i think i might have more artists to share...but that'll come in due time k? peace out.

  4. Keeping up track work even without a coach sounds great!

  5. dave: speaking of books I have the "Lore of Running" might be some good workouts there too. I should check it out. Good info on your book as well.

    marcy: yeah right I know you do them as well you sandbagger!:) I read your blog!

    squirt: well it was time for a change, it was looking like old wallpaper, to me anyway.

    j~mom: we'll see. It's getting darker earlier now and colder, brrrr... My motivation might waver:) The great thing about track is that at this time of the year it's full of runners training for fall marathons; new york, chicago, nike women's, sacrament international. Lots of motivated runners.