Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Race That Keeps on Giving

Miki and her shirt.

I wrote Sarah at PCTR because I need her help with an idea that I had and I got the nicest note(s) back with a fulfillment of my request. Now some of you might say, "well yeah she's your friend, you've known her for some time and you speak highly about their races". True, true, except that they've been like this to me since my first race with them years ago. That 50k took almost 8 hours! I wrote them the next day about how elated but positively trashed I felt and I got a nice note back congratulating me on my finish. Just how these guys roll.

And...more photos.

As I mentioned my camera stopped working at the end of the day and I wanted a shot of her with her artwork so I took it with her camera. Since I'm also the creative type I appreciate nicely designed things. Art being a subjective thing however I know it's not for everyone. There's also a shot of me cradling one of Mike's Black Butte Porters but you don't need to see that. I keep that up and some of you will really think that all I do is drink beer and eat sugar between that there's anything wrong with that or anything. Well wait, except for you Dave. Put down the moonpie. Anyway I do hope what comes through is a runner that has serious moments but generally laid bak about everything else. Maybe I start mixing in some non-running posts, we'll see.

The legs are slow in recovering but they are getting there. I should ice bath them the next 3 days. They should be fine by the weekend, I hope so because I just signed up to be Gundy's pacer for the Rio del Lago 100.


  1. Maybe I'll see you pacing during the race and latch on to you:) I ran it last year and that last 33 miles in the dark is the longest, flat 33 miles I have ever run in the dark! I didn't have a clue where I was going, so I just waited for someone to catch me to run with. It worked out! See ya.

  2. Mike had Black Butte Porters? THAT would have made me cry tears of joy at the finish line...

  3. grae: Good to hear from you man. I hope to see you at Rio. I'm planning to go a bit early to see if I can take pictures of the runners. This was my first 100, I agree it's the flattest, non-technical 33 miles I've ever done in the dark. When I did it there was a section where I got lost with another runner and his pacer, all three of us just wandered around in a field for awhile before the lights of another runner pointed the right way. Looking forward to seeing you out there.

    victoria: I think they were gone by the time you came in:) I must have finished my bottle before you came in otherwise you would have noticed it and I would pointed you the right way. Mike's cheering section is the place to go after a race if he's running:)

  4. Nothing wrong with the Moon Pie, man. LOL. 300 calories, about the same amount you need to put in your body per hour during long run...Coincidence? I think not!:)

  5. Alright, another chance for some good pacing stories. I just ran 7 miles and it felt like 24. Think I'm still on track to give Firetrails a shot. I'll have to bring some more Porter so you can drink it while I'm still out there for 3 more hours.

  6. ROFLMAO! I saw the word "moonpie" and instantly thought of Dave :P

  7. Mmmmm....porter beer! :)

    What a nice group of folks. Aren't race people the best? I've had similar experiences where I have written to race directors with questions or just to say thanks, and they always seem to respond with some very kind words. Very cool for such hard working people!

    Keep recovering well, Rick!

  8. I am so amazed that you can bounce from event to event like you do. You rock!!