Friday, September 12, 2008

Time for a Change?

You know I'm sitting here on a somewhat windy and cool Friday afternoon, getting ready for a run and thinking that maybe it's time to change the look of this here blog. I'm done with the brown and beige I think and the non-collapsible archive section is driving me crazy. Stay tuned. Don't be surprised if it looks different next time you visit. I'm worried it won't transition well to the new look. Ah well change is good and it seems right since I'm making some changes in my life right now anyway. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Big shout out to Olga who is starting AC100 this weekend. This run scares me, the kind of fear that tells me that I'd also like the opportunity to start this race one day. You know that fear mixed with excitement. We've talked about it but she's the one lining up on that start line tomorrow. Good luck my friend, hope everything goes well.

Oh and a second shout out to Rob and Eric who are tackling Plain 100. A little longer than 100 miles, no aid stations but you can restock halfway through and no course markings, finding your way is part of the challenge, no crew except at halfway through and definitely no pacers. Nice, a little rough no?


  1. I've got AC on the brain, too - my friend Richard is pacing someone there this weekend. Maybe you and I will run it sometime - how does 2010 look for you?

  2. no course markings...

    Two tough ass races this weekend, will be fun to track...

    and tweak up that blog !!! Look forward to your new look !

  3. Change is good! :>)

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  5. Love the changes ...looks great -haha

    come on you had a day or so to make the changes...whaddddd Up :-)

  6. As we always say at work, change is a good thing! :) Looking forward to seeing what you do for an upgrade.

    Good luck to your Niners today. My Vikes play the Colts, and somehow I can't see Manning losing after the performance last week! :(

  7. I like to change mine up a bit from time to time also. I get bored with the same ole same ole. How about pink? LOL JK!

  8. donald: 2010 sounds just fine my man. Hey you should also head north with me in 2009 for the Hundred in Hood, Olga's 100-miler in Oregon.

    bob: bobby, I'm workin on it. I want to be cool again.

    j~mom: I hope it turns out well!

    bob: I'm workin I'm workin, actually yesterday I was out on a long run with two runners I didn't really know. Turned out to be a great day and they were awesome company but I was out of it for the rest of the day, what was left of it anyway.

    jean: I'm scared to turn on the television. Peyton is going to be on a rampage, sorry it's with your vikes. We can commiserate yet again on Monday.

    marcy: I know lady, you are like the queen of change. It's why I think Facebook will be great for you, lots of things to change over there.