Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've got nothing, nothing interesting anyway. Just grinding away, training hard, setting myself up for more great runs at some nice races. Oh Tuesday I showed up at track unmotivated and sluggish and after warm ups I actually looked at the sky and said "I don't know how this workout is going to get done" but I got er dun. 800s, 400s and 200s. It got faster as the distances decreased and the recovery got shorter. I didn't feel any better I just put my head down and used every trick I knew in the book to keep myself mentally motivated. I have to say, I love this track stuff. I wish I had gotten into it sooner. I'm finishing up my third year with track and indeed I'm faster than when I started.

So since I don't have much to share I will take a page from Marcy's game book and post a funny entertaining picture. Enjoy.

B2BThis is like Reno 911 meets Running. This is from this year's Bay to Breakers, where you are supposed to dress up for the run/walk. I went to church with one of these guys. Classic Jason R.


  1. You're such a good runner :-) I hate speedwork with a passion (probably why I'll never be fast :P)

    ROFLMAO at that pic! Is that your next running outfit I see? :P

  2. Picture cracked me up...looks like it was stolen from a Runner's World archive 1978 era.

    I am fan of speed work as well...I enjoy taking the engine to the redline.


  3. Squirt =P7:37 AM

    freaking...i love that pic! ahahaha!
    looks like something some of my friends would do! =D

  4. I'm with you on the speed work - I love it. The long, slow stuff on the trail is great, but you just don't get that feeling when completing a tough speed workout. (Note: speed in this case is definitely relative) Great picture.

  5. marcy: You are fast chica but I bet you'd enjoy it if you had a regular crew to run track with. Hmm I do have a pair of really short black shorts and long white socks.

    dave: Yeah I enjoy it too, well afterwards it feels good but boy does it hurt while I'm doing it. Spin is the same way. I'm luck in that I get two opportunities once a week to redline the engine.

    squirt: Thought you'd like that.

    mike: You're right speed is relative but we all have fun anyway. We get to play that game again next Saturday at Skyline 50k. Looking forward to seeing you there. Speaking of speed some really fast guys are showing up. It's gonna be great. I'm excited already. This racing thing is so addictive.

  6. HA!! I love that picture!! I thought it was a joke at first! Fun times!

  7. Rick,this pic is hilarious...hope I won't ever see you in this matching get up.You never cease to amaze me of things you can come up in this blog.Thanks for the laugh.