Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Template

So here it is. Nothing groundbreaking, in fact you've probably seen this layout many times on other blogs, might even be the template of your own blog. It's been about 3 years since I launched my blog and I'm surprised how blogger has made it so much easier to customize minor things. I know very little html but I did manage to make the content area a little wider. Slightly bigger pictures:)

Was Bob the only one waiting with bated breath for the changes:) Ha, well it took awhile because I went on a great run on Saturday and it took the rest of the afternoon and early evening to recover. Then I went on another great run today. It was a great weekend of running. I tell ya I'm enjoying the focus on simply running, no swimming, no biking, just running.

The lush beautiful soft trails of Mt. Tamalpais. Ran with a couple of new friends on Saturday. Tell you guys all about it next time.


  1. I like the header but hard to see 365me ...I am on firefox.

    ok so it's a start :-) I am sure you can do better...haha tough blogger crowd huh!

    Have a good week bro!!

  2. I'm lovin it! Very nice header! ;D Dang if I were craftier I'd do one for myself LOL

  3. It's nice to make a change! : ) Personally, I like more color. But it's your blog...make it how you like it. : )

  4. The header's not showing up in Google Chrome, either. Other than that, everything's cool.

  5. Ooh...very pretty :)

  6. bob: hmmm I need to work on that. Tough crowd indeed. Way to stay motivated for Javelina.

    marcy: You are crafty lady. No one can match you with the funny/bizzarre/scratch your head photos, that you put up on your site.

    sarah: I'll see about adding more color. I actually mean to switch headers frequently. I do like how the white makes everything brighter and fresher. I guess I had the old template for awhile.

    donald: It's missing in Google Chrome huh. Like not there at all? &$%(#@ alright back to the drawing board.

    addy: Thanks teacher lady. Loved the photos from the anniversary weekend.

  7. Nice! I dig the new look, Rick! Very clean, and very cool!

  8. Love it! And thanks for texting:)

  9. OK ... now it's there. Which one is you?

  10. I like it Rick! Looks great!

  11. Ok now that is a SWEET header Bro... love the tag line also

  12. Love the new look. I'm jealous. I am too blog "stupid" to figure out how to change anything.

  13. Ok. Yesterday I was gonna have to say something about this new look. "Hello. Mr graphic designer?!" But then you go and create that sweet-ass header and totally redeem yourself. Good stuff. I love it. You need to stick that in your portfolio.

  14. jean: Thank you, it was a fun and learning experience.

    olga: Hey sure girlie. You were there when I needed you and I'd like to return the support anyway I can.

    donald: none of them. I was the photographer:)

    j~mom: Thanks. Thanks.

    bob: Thought I'd take Sarah's comment and add more color!

    kelly: So I actually looked online for some tutorials on how to hack this particular template. Such nice people to post that stuff for everyone to use.

    mike: Ha, well you know, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The first one was just a quick draft, a place holder. See you this weekend. Saw that you 12 mile run went well. Good news!