Sunday, September 07, 2008

Have You Seen This?

I came home today from my long run and thought I would sneak in some Football watching before I had to clean up and head to church (we meet in the afternoons). What I saw first was this short ad and it made me want to go back out. It was the best thing I saw all afternoon cause the Niners stank it up.

The video is only a minute. Quick load, quick show. I like the music, the views, the message. Filmed in Whistler, British Columbia, this is one of the new Timberland ads. Looks like a nice place to run and hike. I think I need some Canadian running friends to visit:) This is just the kind of stuff that gets me going. This is my Podium, one of them anyway. This will make sense when you see the video.


The official ad mini-site. A higher resolution version of the ad is available here as well as some details in the creation of it.


  1. My podium is pretty pathetic. The couch in my house so I can scream at the kids.

    Cool vid though!

  2. Boy, he stayed pretty clean during that whole trek, huh? I agree with you, though - it's a great ad.

    God, the Niners look awful. It's gonna be a long season.

  3. Nice...I like your warm looking podium better :-)

    A podium of mine can be seen here

  4. Very cool ad! Makes me want to go climb in the mountains. I'm ready for the snow!

  5. So motivational...thanks for posting.


    p.s. Marcy is always cracking me up with her comments.

  6. I am a weirdo because that made me all teary. One thing about where I live is that I don't have any beauty like that right around me...I have trouble finding beauty in the desert. I know it's there though. I am going to look, k?

  7. Great video, agree.

  8. marcy: I thought your public bathroom shots were your podium's:) You do love your collection of those.

    donald: He did stay clean didn't he. If it was me I would have mud all over the back of my pants. Niners...just no words.

    darin: One of these days I will run that Gorge Run, Olga talks about it all the time and from the pictures I've seen, it looks amazing.

    rob: You're lucky, you do have those type of mountains in your backyard. When I saw the video I was thinking Pacific Northwest at first.

    dave: Glad you liked it and yeah Marcy is a crack up.

    j-mom: You're not a weirdo and just so you know, one of the most beautiful runs I've ever done was in Arizona.

    olga: Yeah I like it. I also know you have similar terrain in your backyard. Maybe I pack up my bags and visit you once snow starts falling. Tahoe is a little bit like that too and Yosemite.

  9. That is AWESOME! I love it! That is one heck of a "podium." Thanks for sharing that, Rick.

    My Vikings looked pretty awful, too. I might have to start cheering for the Niners instead! :)

  10. You better pack your bags, man! I owe you this!

  11. jean: You're welcome, we can commiserate on how bad our teams are throughout football season:)

    olga: aww you don't owe me anything, that's what friends are for. Anytime you and Larry want to visit. I got places to crash while you guys are in town. I'm thinking it's time for me to run Miwok again and you guys should come down for that but before then I might just stop by and run this "gorge" for myself.