Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Hard, Too Fast

What did I say about working out with other people? Not until I do some homework of my own. Yesterday, Sunday, I started my run late because I got sucked into the "Chargers V.S. Colts" football game. Apparently the same thing happened to my friend John B., we met in the streets at the start of the run. John is a faster runner, running Boston for the first time this year, but he also just started training for the year so I thought I could hang with him. I needed the company so I was willing to speed up to hang. We ended up running the whole 9+ mile route together. I finished at a time I only usually achieve mid-season. Surprised me but I was done for the day. My heart rate on the second half of the run was close to max and by the time I finished I was light headed. I cancelled my afternoon weight training plans just so I wouldn't over extend myself. In retrospect I should have waved him on. The company was good, nothing like a nice conversation to make the miles go by quickly but that was too much too soon.

Light headed after a 9 mile run at a pace I normally run in, haha, precious. I'm gonna revisit this memory again when I'm stronger and faster. I can see in my mind the person I could be 4, 5, 6 months from now. If I work real hard and blessed with the opportunities not only should I catch up to this ideal but maybe I could pass it too. I'd like to surpass my own expectations of myself yet again, that's always fun and confidence building.

Now if you'll excuse me, time to suit up and hit the weights. I know it's late, I like to go late because there's less people - less people to see how weak my upper body really is.


  1. John B. is my Annie. We love their company but keeping up with them will get us tired and worse injured.

    Looking forward to reading about a stronger you in the months to come...then you can leave John B. in the dust :)

  2. Welcome back, Rick. And good luck as you venture back into your training!

    The Chargers/Colts game was an easy one to get sucked into. Good matchup!

  3. LOL that's a good idea with the gym, going when there is less people. I would definitely need to head in there REALLY late. Less people to see me look like a complete moron.

  4. Oh, I'd love to be at the gym and watch you suffer!!!

    You'll be in perfect shape. You proved it you can surpass anybody's expectations, including your own.

  5. Surpassing your own expectations is the best! I'm sure you'll do it.

  6. Welcome back!! It's hard to find the right mix of people to run with. I am slower then most and so I always feel like I am holding people back but I like the company.

  7. Looks like a strong start to new training :) You're in for an awesome year

    Now, if I could only get some of that determination for weight training...

  8. Squirt =P2:30 PM

    "less people to see how weak my upper body really is"
    BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! seriously, i'm dying.
    love the honesty though =]

  9. Light headed buzzz ...very nice :-)

    Enjoy the start of ur season fatty--haha