Sunday, January 20, 2008


Here I was going on about how great the weather was here in the San Francisco Bay Area and Jean here was running in -15 degrees fahrenheit in Minnesota. All of you in warmer weather, please send warm wishes to Jean. I'm not too worried though, he's used to it. Once as a kid he waited for the school bus on a -48 day, that's -44 for you celsius folks. I can't even friggin imagine. The human body is an amazing thing.


  1. dude that's awfully cold. i can't imagine myself running sub-zero. take me under the scorching heat, but never anywhere cold.

    my dad ran in alaska a few years ago though. he considers it to be the most glorious run he did in his entire life so far. the sun was still up at 10 in the evening.

    isn't it hard running with lots of layers of clothing?

  2. WHOOOOOOAAAA that's nuts! I'm not even venturing out and it's "only" 17 degrees today. I can only imagine -15. YIKES!!

  3. Marga: hmmm I don't know. You'll have to ask Jean:) I suppose it is, more weight and all that and I can't imagine having a mask on while running. We wear layers here but these are light layers, an undershirt of some sort then a shell of some kind on top.

  4. Well it's 64 here today so I will send some warmth that way. :>)

  5. Hey, thank Rick! It is supposed to be a high of +8 degrees today, so that should feel like a heatwave! :)

    To Marga's question, yes, running in that many layers is does restrict movement to a point. But the cold weather slows you down in general, so that balances out the breathing, I suppose!