Monday, January 28, 2008

Rollin Rollin Rollin

So that rest on Friday gave me an extra spring in my step Saturday, sleeping in did some good too. Doing chores first was a great warm up. I planned for a 3 hour run but packed for 4. Left late, had a great run, dragged my butt back to the apartment long after the sun had already set. It was a beautiful day. In the end I got 22-23 miles in a little over 4 hours. It was a great LSD trip (Long Slow Distance). I got farther than I expected, ran several hills, smiled at some of the ladies, saw some of the sights and snapped a few pictures to boot. No rain although I did get hot halfway through and wished the return of the showers.

I finished with a very, very cold ice bath - left glute and left IT band was sore. Brrr... everything under water hurt for 2 minutes. I was on silent scream mode for 1 of those minutes. After I got out I had a hard time keeping my teeth from chattering even though I finished with a hot shower but it did my legs good. The next day, Sunday, I felt just fine on my short 4.5 mile recovery run. They say it takes the body two weeks to adapt to the changes brought on by a hard workout, well if that's true then I am now totally reaping the rewards of that first week back into training. This train is on it's way.

Got some pictures to show off, will load later.


  1. Sure is was Long Slow Distance. We know what kind of trips you take :P LOL JK!

    Can't wait to see those pics!! ;D ;D

  2. awesome job :) Sounds like your getting right back to some great running. Looking forward to those photos!

  3. Yeah I'll take a pass if these are bath/shower pics(?)

    Next up: Woodside 50K

    Will G.

  4. Squirt =P12:07 PM

    I like that slip in of the "smiled at some of the ladies"
    very smooth.

  5. At least I am not much slower...yet:) than you are on the LSD.

  6. You are a rock star, Rick! That is some awesome running for this early in the season.

    Keep it up, and I look forward to the pictures!

  7. Ha! You crack me up smiling at the ladies on your long run. Looks like you were smoking fast!

  8. Hey Rick, I have a some crazy questions.. What kind of pace does a runner do LSDs? or put another way, How far did you go on your 3 mile LSD?

    I do the Ice baths as well(usually for about 15-20 minutes), but when I get out I'm freezing an immediately want to take a shower . Not to just get warm , but also to get clean. Does taking a hot shower after a cold bath defeat the whole purpose?

    Im hopefully doing an 18 mile LSD this Saturday or Sunday in the city depending on the weather. Maybe I'll run into you :-)

  9. Sounds like a fabulous run! And did the ladies smile back? ; ) : ) I can't even think about ice baths in the winter. You're brave. : )

  10. It's always good to define LSD. You never know what kind of people might start checking out your blog otherwise.