Saturday, January 12, 2008


Poking around Japan Town in the late afternoon, looking for sashimi grade fish. I realize it says "Seoul Garden", believe me it's San Francisco's J-town. Lousy photograph but good fish. Cheaper than a sushi restaurant but I could use fresher wasabi, one that doesn't come from a tube. For dessert, fish shaped waffles filled with azuki (red bean). My friend Mari swears by these for her pre-race breakfast. I know all about the red bean, I lived in Hawaii for 10 years.

Yup I'm back, got in Tuesday night. I was pretty beat. I didn't sleep much the last few days I was in Manila, didn't sleep much on the plane either and had jet lag to contend with. Emotionally I was pretty down too, some it from exhaustion but most of it was from leaving.The jet lag is almost over, the emotionally lag, if I can call it that will take another week. I'm used to it. Just grin and bear baby, just grin and bear.

Speaking of which, after getting a couple of days rest I hit the streets. The maintenance runs I did during vacation, as short and infrequent as they were, did me a whole lot of good. I felt great out there. Yesterday I ran 45 minutes then hit the gym for a lower body workout. last night I ran the same loop then hit the gym again for an upper body workout. Tonight I ran the same loop, no problems and tomorrow I plan to hit 9 miles for my first long run for the year. Seems short right now but the miles will come pretty quickly once I hit my groove. Two thumbs up for maintenance runs.

The short term goal is to build strength, endurance and drop weight. At the end of the month, if not sooner, I'll start participating in the group workouts once again. Club Track is just around the corner and Coach M2 is already gearing up the triathletes for a new season in his Spin Studio. I'd like to jump in right now but I've got some homework to do first. If I go now I'll just go too hard and raise my potential for injury.

Here we go. Now to sign up for some races and figure out my year. Late as usual.


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday as I was jogging ( yes jogging) down Long ave and again in front of Aquatic Park. Instead, I ran into , of all Dentist!

    Welcome Home!

  2. -spams8:34 AM

    Yay!! Welcome back!!

  3. Welcome home and welcome to 2008! I guess its time to start training again. I had to smile about your 9 mile "long run". I was just re-vamping my system for logging my runs and decided I can't call it a long run unless its at least 15 miles (previously 10) : )

  4. Aw, the boy is back...and he's running! And thinking of loosing weight and doing squats! Yes, sign up for races, they fill up in a snatch. And come visit PCT this summer!