Saturday, January 19, 2008


Gorgeous day on the Bay.

So after 2 weeks of quietly working away, building endurance and strength, I finally had enough and sought out a group to run with. The tri-club is slowly waking up from it's holiday slumber and the club calendar was once again filled with workout options. I choose a group made up of friends I hadn't seen in awhile and who I knew I could run with at an easy pace. It's all distance right now, no speed, although it's slowly coming back as well. Been throwing accelerations here and there and it feels great. I got my planned 12, made it to 13 by the time I got home.

The weather continues to be gorgeous, according to the news reports we'll have it till part of Sunday. If it's like this next weekend I might even jump on the bike, starting my bike workouts earlier than planned.

Picked up a pound of PEETs coffee on my way home. I've been experimenting with combining my runs with small chores. Last Thursday evening I ran with a backpack. Ended my run at a Supermarket and got some food shopping done. Walking the hills of San Francisco loaded with groceries is not exactly a proper warm down but it felt like ultra:) Obviously this won't work with the really long runs down the line but maybe for the shorter ones. Just devising new ways to be more efficient with my time. I don't own a vehicle but I run enough miles to cross this small city many times over.


  1. Nice running, Rick. Way to get back into training mode! And wow, looks like a gorgeous day in the Bay Area indeed. It appears to be a little warmer out there than it is here at the present time! :)


  2. First, I am so jealous that you can run on sand. I bet that feels so good on the joints.

    Second, I think that is so cool that you can get errands done while you are cooling down! Good job!!

  3. Looks great!

    I "heart" Peets. : ) I walked to work (1.25 miles) four times last week. I found I could use the commute time to get things the parents, catch up on podcasts, etc. So I hear you on the efficiency thing. And less guilt than when I drive. : )

  4. Glad to hear you're "gearing" up again (no pun intended). 2008 is underway!