Monday, January 07, 2008

My Sweet Fake Crocs

My new great fake $7.50 clogs. (picture to come, something tropical and nice to make Marcy jealous)

So I have this problem. After 100-milers my feet are just totally trashed. Besides being swollen like the rest of the field they are also usually badly blistered. Now some of you who haven't run a 100-miler might say, "well duh, 100 miles will do that to your feet". Well not necessarily. I've seen with my own eyes, purty feet at the end of a heinous, mud, puddle, snow filled 100-miler. I couldn't help but smile with envy while I hobbled to the medics who refused to pop my blisters due to the risk of infection.

After these races my sandals won't fit and I'm loathe to wear slippers due to the sorry sight of my feet. I certainly thought to source out some oversized sandals but loathed to spend money on shoes that I would only wear once or twice a year. Unless I woke up the next day as Dean Karnazes, I really didn't need them. Well I bought the answer yesterday - fake Crocs, one size up, soft, cheap and perfect.

Here in Asia fakes abound, you guys know that, but here in Manila there are special places where there are nothing but fakes. You go there especially for the fake stuff. Now while you won't see me anytime soon in an Armani jacket or a pair of Oakley sunglasses I most likely will be seen kicking back at the end of races in my new black crocs. If I don't get to use them at all, well that would just be perfect wouldn't it.

One of the things ultra has taught me; shiz will break, you or your equipment, just be prepared.

Still here in Manila and the last days have been hectic. I leave tonight thank God. I can't take anymore lunches, dinners, meriendas (snack times). I will miss all the family and friends but I need for people to stop feeding me.


  1. -spams10:52 PM

    Merienda!! Have a safe flight back!

  2. NO pictures!!! Ok maybe one but ONLY this week because it's "nice" here this week. A nice tropical 51 degrees :P

    Hmmmmm never tried out the Crocs or even faux Crocs hehe. I hear they are comfy but I don't know first hand.

  3. My son had fake crocs that I bought to pacify his desire to own "Crocs". After he wore them every day for about 6 weeks I went and bought the real thing. Hope you trip home is smooth!

  4. If I don't get to use them at all, well that would just be perfect wouldn't it.
    LOL ya right, thats not gonna happen you blister runner you :-)

    but ur right though at the Tetons last year, Matt Hart was in flip flops and his friggin feat were perfect after a 2nd place 100 miler (sigh)))

    and YES u are right on getting back home so u can stop eating, I ate a friggin ton on my trip in NJ and soo glad to be back and NOT eat 4 times a day...back to 2 times and thats fineeeeeee.

    Safe travels and look forward to catching up when u get back...its 100 mile Season time!! Game ON!!

  5. Isn't this (counterfeit smuggling) some sort of international felony?

    Any (blonde) lawyers out there care to advise?

    Will G.

  6. Those are some sweet looking shoes, Rick! I will bet they are comfortable.

    I hope your trip home was a good one, and welcome back!

  7. Squirt =P6:37 PM

    crocs -_- ewww lol but at least they're comfy.
    so anyway you like how mom's getting older and talking more and more nonsense (worry) than ever before? im listening to her talking to you right now ahahaha!

  8. While my knowledge of international law is extremely limited, I must ask if these fake Crocs bear the Croc logo? ; )

    Ha ha ha... welcome back, Rick.