Saturday, January 26, 2008

Refuge from the Rain

My next camera will take better pictures in low light conditions. At "The Wine Bar" on a rainy, windy Friday night.

Been raining like crazy around here. Decided on taking Friday off training in anticipation. I like rain, indoors or out but this is a colder type of rain, with cold winds brrrr... I needed the rest anyway since I have a big weekend of running planned. In fact I'm about to leave. Slept in, did some chores and now I'm ready. I figured scrubbing the bath tub was a good warm up:) There's a break in the weather and I hope it stays that way for the 3 hours I plan to be out.

So last night I pretty much stayed in until 6:30PM when I met club pal J-Few for a few glasses of wine at "The Wine Bar".. I'm a sucker for dimly lit, hardwood filled places, be it coffee shops, bars or restaurants. It was a 20 minute walk in the wind and rain, my brand new umbrella is trashed now but the destination and conversations was well worth it. We bumped into a fellow athlete inside and it was nothing but shop talk for awhile; so what races are you guys signed up for?, I'm worried about my nutrition for this year, did you hear about Kelvin's accident?, Zoom shop closed, my achilles tendonitis is still bother me, I'm feelling fat, yada, yada, yada.

I didn't have any bad wine but I'm easy to please. The place was warm, the people friendly and I was happy with what I drank. It was never really crowded, probably because people in general have a hard time finding this place, and I prefer my hangouts that way. As it always happens the good times are always over too fast, especially when there's drinks involved and it was back out into the cold. I'd run in this any day over heat and humidity though.

Shout out to fellow club member and all around nice guy, Kelvin N. I hope you heal fast and soon. Kelvin was involved in a bike crash at a bike race a few weeks ago. Out 8 weeks.

"Less whining more accilimating".


  1. Ohhhhh the tough life of a Californian ;-)

  2. bars :) What a good idea for inside refuge! Glad the break in the weather worked out for you yesterday! Even a little warmth? Lucky :) Can't say it ever got warm yesterday, but it wasn't too bad. Much colder (and wetter!) today, which really makes me appreciate yesterday even more!

  3. You are so funny... I don't know how you do it!

    I tried the wine/training combination in December and lasted about two weeks. I just can't do it! No more wine for me!

  4. That is a great way to get out of the rain; go somewhere and drink wine! :) Sounds like a fun evening with friends.

    Do you remember any of the wines you had? I'm always looking for recommendations!

  5. I like your quote. When I feel like whining I try to remember that its's not supposed to be easy.

    Stay dry! : )

  6. Wish you would take your darn rain back! Thank goodness I got a trainer so my whole week won't be scrapped from the rain.

  7. I had to chuckle at your statement about the amount of rain lately. We enjoy that type of weather for about 6-8 months out of the year. It's only cold though in the winter.

  8. Hey after such a great workout at your tub, you deserve some R&R :)

  9. Yeah, well...whatever. Yada, yada. Thanks for scrubbing bath tub! Now I can get clean after the race:)