Monday, April 30, 2007

Play with a Seal

A post from someone in our tri-club today, funny:

* * *
Hello, Come on down to Aquatic Park for a swim this evening. Yes, The Seal is back, but is bumping, not nibbling. The Wildflower swim start will seem easy after this. Folks of all speeds welcome. Meet at the bleachers at 6:30 pm, and jump at 6:45 pm.

* * *

During the holidays there was a seal that was overly playful. It would bump, bite and chase swimmers in Aquatic Park. The official tally hovered around 13 swimmers bit.

Yesterday we had a tri-club BBQ in preparation/celebration of our upcoming race - Wildflower. One of the discussions I heard was that one of our swimmers who was swimming outside the wall with a group had a little scare. He either was bumped from the bottom or he saw a fast moving shadow underneath him. He popped out right away and pulled up his googles. Somehow he ended up losing his googles, they're at the bottom now and he had to swim back from the wall without them. Kristin our swim director was out there too leading a small group and she ran into the seal as well but it only shadowed and never came close. I was out there myself the same time Kristin was but it just happened that I stayed in the buoy line, close to shore to help out with our beginners. Whew, I'm not scared of seals but I'd freak out too if it bumped me or it's shadow rushes by me while I'm swimming. The first thing in my mind is not "Seal" but the other "S" word.

Anyone for a swim tonight:)


  1. That's exactly why I don't like the thought of open water swimming. It's much safer in the pool. Call me a water wimp.

  2. Wow, that is crazy, and pretty scary. Seals look awfully cute, but I don't think it would be much fun to be chased and bitten by one!

    I think I will stick to the dry land! :)