Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Movie

Yesterday afternoon was Jason's B-Day run. It was a date that worked out for all of us. Apparently this was an old route that Jason and J.P. would run for Jason's birthday, it was new for me and Stephen, we got to run on new trails. Jason's friend Rob also came along for part of the course. The temperature was cool bordering on cold with the wind but the sun was up and the sky was clear, really good running conditions. We drove partway up Mt. Tam and followed a route that took us around, one big circle back to the parking lot. Excellent day. Along the way we met a couple of ultra runners, Todd and Ana. We met them at the start, on the trails and back at the finish. Traded stories, talked races. Ana finished Bighorn last year, advised me to study the elevations charts. Day concluded with lunch in Sausalito at Fish. A great place for seafood, everything was good and the outdoor seating was hard to beat. Leave it to Stephen to find the best places to eat. If J.P. can hook you up with the best trails in Mt. Tam, Stephen can lead you to the best places to eat in the Bay Area.

So that's my first attempt at creating a movie. Finally took the time to learn the movie program that came with my computer. Fun but time consuming. I can see myself putting in a lot of time on something like this. Enjoy the soundtrack, that's the type of music I listen to on long runs. I save the harder stuff for races or hill repeats:)


  1. Very neat:) I can see you run! Glad boyz had a fun day.
    So what is that about elevation chart of Bighorn?

  2. Great job on the video, Rick! That is really cool. Looks like a good time was had by all. Those trails look fantastic, too. What a view!

    Wow, the menu at Fish is incredible. My mouth is watering!

  3. Olga: you know just to check out all the uphills and downhills. So I won't be surprised. I have a feeling my quads will be trashed by the time we make it back down that mountain.

    Jean: I had the fish salad sandwich. Less mayo more fish. Very light and the salad was excellent. I almost went for the fries but I thought I'd play it healthy.

  4. -spamsi9:09 PM

    Dude... don't hurt yourself filming!! Good Job!

  5. Well Done Rick, Some sweet Views... Ya be careful of getting into Movie production--lol looks fun but umm we have training to do, NO time for fun stuff like putting movies together-hehe...

    well unless you are a night owl and can't sleep...wait U are, Oh cool look forward to MORE movies then in the future :-)

  6. Squirt =P2:08 PM

    Cool vid.

  7. I like it! And you can't beat having friends who know the best trails and the best food. : )

  8. Cool Movie Rick!

    Must have been hard running backwards without tripping, to film the others.

  9. Steve: Ha wouldn't that be something if I could move that fast backwards. No I had the camera on one hand held out in front of me and as I passed I kept the camera trained on them as I continued to run forward. I would glance at the camera and the trail and the camera and the trail. Came out pretty good huh.