Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What an Easter Weekend

Easter Sunday at Ocean Beach.

These days I'm especially thankful for two days; Friday cause it signals the weekend and Monday because I can finally rest after a weekend of workouts. This past Easter Weekend was no different. Swam Friday then opened up Saturday with a bike clinic on descending and ascending hills. It was a good talk and the instructor made the right decision of cancelling the after talk ride because of the worsening rain. A group went out anyway and a friend who shouldn't have gone, crashed on the first downhill. Lucky for her two friends were there to help her back to SF and eventually the hospital. No broken bones, just road rash (yaarghhh) and deep blue bruises (yaarghhh x 2). I went home and grabbed my running gear. It was always my plan to run after the clinic but now I had more time to run. Off I went and made my way across the bridge to Muir Beach, a 3 hour journey from place, the last two on trails. On the hills the fog was so thick sometimes visibility was only 20-30yds. It was so awesome, nothing but white all around, like running in the clouds. Left my camera though, it was a hassle to keep pulling the thing out of a ziplock bag. The rain had stopped but everything was coated with moisture. On the single track, everytime I brushed up against the bushes, water run down my legs soaking my shoes. By the time I made it to Muir Beach the rain had completely stopped and the fog was even starting to clear - people were enjoying the beach. From Muir Beach the goal was to run harder all the way back. I was only partially successful it was a good effort. I'm as fit if not even fitter than last year but my running has been distracted by all the time I've been putting on the Swim and Bike for the Wildflower Triathlon in May. Sa'll right if I'm a little weaker and slower on the run this summer. I like how my swimming and biking is going. Besides I may have a stronger late summer and fall to this year than the last. Anyway 2 miles from home I had to walk because my left knee had had enough. Nothing serious, just a stiffness and soreness related to my ITB problems in the past. Goes away with rest and Sunday proved me right. After opening up the day with a gorgeous swim with the tri-club, we went on a 10-mile run. No problems, moving pretty good too.

The rest of the day was dedicated to Easter. Every year it's tradition in our church to do our baptisms at Ocean Beach on Easter.'s cold. In public and in that cold water. In all the years that I've been present, including my own baptism, there has been no better weather than last Sunday's. In year's past it has always been gloomy, sometimes rain, one year it was rain, darkness and strong winds. This time it was actually nice. Dogs and kids were loose, tons of people on the beach. This year was special in that the group was mostly made up of kids and two of them were Pastors kids. I took some pictures as you can see but I was mostly out playing with the dogs and kids. I also spent a good deal of time by the fire...I wore shorts. This was followed by dinner at two different locations. The place I went too had lots of food. It wasn't long before I was dipping potato chips in bad. I didn't even realize I was doing it.

What a great weekend and I'm just now recovering, it's why I'm only posting now. Last night we did our 4k benchmark run at track...that was a sufferfest, turned in a 16:40ish. Even lost track in the end and ran an extra lap for a total time of like me. You can always count on me to get lost or do something wrong. Crikey!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I remember your last year's description of Easter baptism in the ocean and thought you guys are nuts in your church:)
    Good running, and I agree, you'll be stronger for second part of the year with all this cross-training. Let's plan on something later? BTW, if you're getting lost easily as I am too, how the heck are we going to navigate Bighorn together???

  2. Hahaha as we've always done in the past, latch on to those who know what they're doing. Well if you are still doing Firetrails we should be meeting up then for a good fall race. I plan on being there.

  3. The baptism at the beach is really neat. What a special and beautiful location to have such an event.

    It sounds like your training is going really well. Keep it up!

  4. yes that sounds cool Baptism at the Beach...Glad u had a great Easter Weekend!

  5. Nice pictures! I have a friend who lives on the Great Highway. Sounds like all that swimming and biking will help your running too.

  6. Sounds like a great run and a great way to spend an Easter at the beach witnessing baptism's. That would be pretty cool.