Friday, April 06, 2007

More Jason B-Day Pictures

Per Olga's request, more pictures. By the way Olga, Stephen's wasn't able to attend because they just had their baby. Amy was originally due today but baby was ready to go a few days early, quick like dad.

The blurry, "orange" shots are a result of not using the flash. All from my new running camera. Another small, cheap but light (because of all the plastic parts) Nikon. Should have another great year of photos.

Speaking of pictures I just got my pics from Brightroom from the Presidio 10. There isn't a single picture where I am smiling. In fact I'm grimacing. Haha I was in pain. Didn't do too bad, better than I thought - 39th out of 721 10k runners with a 7:31 per mile pace. I'm capable of 7 but not much more than that for races. Maybe if I lost more weight...but I love food too much.

Happy Friday everyone, I'm celebrating by another swim in San Francisco Bay. It's still cold but the body is adjusting faster. Besides all i have to do is look at the folks swimming without a wetsuit to quit my comlaining. More swimming less whining! Starting to love it all over again. Much more comfortable in the water now.



  1. Did you notice a smile on Jas' face? Huge! Unlike your face at the race:) The views were so nice, why weren't you happy? OK, I am picking on you.
    Congrats to Steven and his wife! I need details! I'll email him Monday - please, remind me.

  2. I didn't realize you ran short distances as well. My running friends usually joke with me anytime I mention running anything less than a marathon distance. Have fun swimming in the bay. Better you than me.

  3. They caught you in mid air in one of those shots. I just love race photos!

  4. Wow, what a background in your race pictures, Rick. Fantastic! How fun it must be to run in such a beautiful setting.