Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Squirt

Bowling with my sister in Orlando, Florida. That look of boredom is fake but a standard response to her ideas:) She is however a lot smarter than me.

So I had this post ready to go about the Quad Dipsea training I did last weekend, complete with pics and even a short video but it will have to take a backseat for yet another day because today is my sister's birthday. 18 and she just passed her driver's license today which is just amazing to me because I still remember this and it felt like it was just yesterday.

Time flies no?


  1. Squirt =P3:53 PM

    Thanks Tidal Wave =]
    And now I can purchase a lottery ticket...
    and cigarettes...HA yeah right about that last thing.
    Oh and hit the strip clubs, just for you Rick ;).

  2. errr...right stop acting like you're not already doing those things!

  3. Hmm, that's a nice birthday...congrats on driving exam!

  4. Squirt =P8:18 PM

    rick, don't need to be so bitter that i see more girls than you do nah nah nah just kidding.
    you know i love you, even if you love yourself more than you love me =P.
    p.s. thanks olga!

  5. ahhhhh family they are so sweet to each other--- sounds like me and my younger brother... a 5 year difference in age & YES he got the black marker makeup a few times--lol

    Happy B-DAY...