Friday, May 04, 2007

Here We Go!

Why is the vegetarian cooking the burgers? With pal Spamsi at the pre-race Zoom BBQ last weekend.

Leaving for Wildflower this afternoon. My friend Sasser is giving me a ride down, she's great conversation, great company. With traffic, it will be a 4 hour trip.

Taper has gone well as planned, just a tandard two week taper. To be honest I needed it, not just for the next two races but because my body was feeling tattered and worn again. Always experimenting with mixing the whole Triathlon thing with the Ultra-marathon thing. This year I've upped my hours training for Tri and it's made a big difference in my energy levels. When I'm rested I feel very fit and strong, moreover it's spread out to the biking and swimming too and not just running...not so lopsided. However the days I actually feel rested and "zippy" is few. So this taper has been a blessing. Once Wildflower is over I'm going to back-off the riding and swiming, if I do another triathlon this year it won't be till September. First week of the taper I felt no difference, this week however my legs feel great. This is why I love the taper, I can feel the difference in my body, in my energy.

I'm also mostly over last weeks health issues. I got sick with a head cold. It was slow moving, I was out of sorts for two days before symptoms finally appeared on Friday. Meanwhile I was racking my brain to find out why. When I finally realized it was a cold I sighed in relief, whew nothing serious:) Then while that was going on I had stomach issues. At Saturday morning practice I felt like throwing up and my stomach was sore all day. Had to cut out solid food till I felt better. Through this whole time I just swam and biked. Funny how a cold dunking in the bay made me feel a whole lot better. Swam Fri, Sat, Sunday. By Sunday I was able to run again and I felt great. Slower because of the cold and stomach issues but the legs were sweet.

So now I'm doing much better. I was never really stressed. Not sure if I will be 100% come Saturday but it will be somewhere up there. Whatever I have going on Saturday that's what I'll put on the race. I won't worry about the past, the future, what I'm missing, what I could've done better, etc, etc, etc. Toeing the line, just as I I've done countless of times. So here's to the real kick-off race to my 2007 season. It's May and it's about time.

Here we go!


  1. Great attitude! I hope you have an awesome experience at Wildflower. Good luck! : )

  2. Here we go, Mr. Tri! Say hi to Donald and tear it up!

  3. Good luck to you at Wildflower, Rick! I hope it goes great and that you have a fantastic race experience. Best wishes!

  4. Rick,
    When was the last time you had a physical?You should make it part of your regimen.Your body needs tlc & probably much more. Want me to set up a physical w/ my doctor when you visit?