Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stick a Fork in Me

Cause I am done. The moment I landed yesterday it was right back down to run business. I don't know if others are like this but when I'm on vacation/away, I find it hard to run and stick to my training program. Being in a new place throws me off, add to that family, other people's schedules and it gets hectic quick. I didn't run as much as I wanted to but enough. Before I even finished unpacking my bags I was out the door, chasing what's left of the daylight. This morning I was up early for a 5.5 hour run, actually it was 5 hours running and half and hour shuffling and walking. I blew a gasket the last 3 miles:) I felt so terrible I couldn't stop laughing. It's a coping mechanism I'm sure and it should happen more often. To be fair it was hill repeats, was out on Hawk Hill. I like running there actually despite the asphalt road and all the tourists. It's a popular lookout point. However there is dirt and gravel on the side of the road for most of the way and the views are amazing. The tourists and cyclists also keep me honest. I ain't walking unless I'm really falling apart - they make for good motivation. This morning because of the foggy weather (no views) and early hours, it was just me and the cyclists. No views, everything was obscured by the fog. Eventually however it did clear up a little and more people came. I spent three hours there, up and down, up and down. And as it usually happens on hill repeats, one of my knees got real sore on the way back. The problem is not the joint itself but the IT band that runs alongside and past it on the outside. So I ended up jogging and walking the last 3 miles back to the casa. Mmm...this will hurt a little tonight and tomorrow. Right now I wish I was back with the family with my legs propped up, lounging on the couch and cursing at the useless channels on cable tv.

So what's going on? I kind of unplugged there for a week. Posted but didn't make my rounds. Time to go see what my fellow bloggers have been up to!


  1. Come over for a visit to cathc up:) I am like that too - I hardly run on vacations - well, I don't have vacations, but when I am having a family get-away weekend or visiting Russia, I barely make it a couple fo times in a week there.
    Man, 18 days and counting...are you scared yet???

  2. Scared enough to be doing hill repeats despite lack of sleep and jet lag! More hill repeats next week.

  3. Squirt9:24 PM

    .:.sticks fork in rick.:. =]

  4. Your pain sounds like my pain! I hear you on the difficulty fitting in training on vacations or family visits. I'll take my gear but I doubt I'll get in longer than a few miles at a time when I'm in FL in 3 weeks.

  5. RICK Said:Right now I wish I was back with the family with my legs propped up, lounging on the couch and cursing at the useless channels on cable tv.
    LOL and amen to the useless tv crap

    Great job Rick on the Hill repeats...nice 3 hours, after a V-CAT, good luck on the IT Band recovery.

    I really love my "TIGER TAIL" roller to massage my legs...yesterday my legs were sore but lightly rolled them a few times and today no soreness...really think that's been helping me recover faster!!

    I think u mentioned before you use the foam roller? I am going to get one of those soon...

    anyways its all about the recovery, right?! Right!!

  6. I don't do well on vacation either. I think it's good to take a break and enjoy the vacation rather than fretting over workouts. Gotta love hill repeats.

  7. Welcome back from your vacation, Rick! I am a creature of habit myself, and I like routine. I was just visiting my folks for a long weekend and found myself trying to squeeze in a quick run in between a morning AND afternoon hiking trip. Vacations are great, but routine can be a good thing too. :)

    I hope the IT band is feeling better, and good luck with your training!

  8. Welcome back to the fog!