Friday, June 01, 2007

EFA Weekend

Crap another crazy weekend!:) We, Golden Gate TriClub, is the host club for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Being part of the board of directors, I've got duties to perform like taking my turn at manning the club booth on race weekend and taking a turn at door duty at the club party on Sunday night. However, besides those duties, I also volunteered to be a director for the race. I am the Volunteer Director. Basically my job is to help the volunteers; distributing food, giving out info, helping the lost volunteers find their way to their stations, and all the other duties that will help smooth out the volunteer experience for everyone. I also need to help the other leads if they find themselves short of volunteers. Boy I hope it doesn't come to that, everything is in place and if everyone just shows up in their designated areas we should have no problems. Keeping my fingers crossed. This last several years I've really gotten into this whole volunteering thing. I enjoy it as much as racing, in fact last year I was crew/volunteer for more events than I raced. It's a lot of fun especially in big events. I am still in awe at how popular this race is considering the distances don't fit in any standard. Your time in EFA is only unique to EFA and comparable to no other triathlon. We get people from all over the country as well as a good number of international racers. Boggles my mind to this day.

Today on our afternoon swim there were a bunch of out of town triathletes getting in some bay time. They were not hard to spot, they were the ones cursing the cold water:) Oh we complain about it too, we're just less surprised, less shocked you might say. At the end of our swim we ran into a couple swimming, sans wetsuit, in fact I'm not sure they even had swimsuits on. What was remarkable was that the woman was blind. According to an informed bystander she's out there frequently, enjoying a good swim in the bay.

Tomorrow I am running hill repeats again. This time I'm planning on a bigger, badder hill. My friend Stephen is going to come out and join me although I think he'll be bored. We'll see. I was supposed to race the Mt. Diablo 50k but I ended up bailing for financial reasons. I spent more money on my Florida trip than anticipated and with Bighorn coming up it seemed prudent to stay home. Ironically most of the money I saved on the race fee and car rental went back to the same outfit who holds the race - Pacific Coast Trail Runs. I need a new pair of Vasque Velocity's and they had them on sale on their online store. Need shoes!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. Between my training and all the fun duties I'm going to need my sleep after this one.


  1. Good luck Rick on EFA Volunteering weekend...

    Sounds like a great time!

    Look forward to an update on how it went.


  2. Dude, that's BUSY! Wish I could be doing it with you though - love that, but with family have to cut short many things I purely enjoy for myself...
    Taper, it's time, be good! But before you do that - tell Stephen to kick your butt on the hill repeats:)