Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quickie at Quicksilver 50M


At the start of the run, happy to be back in an ultra running event.

What was it I said on my last post?
..."Very much looking forward to the Quicksilver 50-miler this Saturday. I don't intend it to be some spectacular PR run, just a simple 50-miler to get me back in the groove of ultra racing, fitness check and all that...

Right. Right. So I pr'd (personal record). My fastest 50-mile time ever. Beat my time last year at Firetrails 50-mile by 32 minutes and I personally think that Firetrails is an easier race; more tree cover, more soft single track and less elevation. I wasn't sandbagging when I said what I said, I was being realistic; first ultra of the year and coming off a great long course at Wildflower. What happened was when I got to the start I got very excited and pumped up. I met up with friends I haven't seen from last year and there were all these fast looking runners. It was also great to be back, to be back in the scene. By the time I made it across the parking lot to the registration tent I had decided to go all out. All week I had been feeling great and I had a feeling I could pull a great one out of me. Even then I surprised myself, I didn't realize it would turn out as great as it did.

Quicksilver 50M | 8530 Elevation Gain and Loss
13th Place with an 8:32

Body feels amazing today. They had masseuses from a local school massage school come over and provide free 20 min massages. Chris not only flushed out my legs but she also worked on my shoulders and my back. I was even out last night, dinner and a bar with some friends for more post Wildflower celebrating. At one point we set up a beer aid station and we ran through, one person handing out the plastic cups another to film and several folks for cheering. I don't think the people in the bar got it but that was for Coach Neil. Hahaha it was stupid fun and that's what you get when you have athletes who haven't been out in awhile due to training. I personally avoid being out on Friday or Saturday nights.

Today I feel good enough to run but I forced myself to stay home. Except for church I'm home cleaning, straightening up the apartment. Chores. Chores. Chores.


  1. Congrats again:) I knew it!

  2. RICK SAID:By the time I made it across the parking lot to the registration tent I had decided to go all out.
    WHEW I am glad they had a parking lot for you to cross so you could make that decision to RUN like the WIND :-)

    AWESOME Rick way to GO, BIG CONGRATS!! U da MAN!!

  3. Wow - awesome! You definitely must have done a lot of things right in your preparation and race-day strategies for the last two weeks. Excellent work, sir.

  4. I'm hoping to do my first marathon next year. Finishing 26.2 miles seems daunting. Running 50 miles seems utterly impossible. Then there's the idea of running 50 A week after Wildflower Long Course... Man, that's amazing. Congrats on the PR.

  5. Thanks Guys. Still stoked about the run.

    Brian, as for your question about the next tri, not until September for the Big Kahuna. Until then I just plan to volunteer for EFA and Vineman.

  6. Wow, Rick! That is absolutely awesome. Congratulations on the strong finish and the PR! I can't imagine recovering so quickly from your triathlon to be able to do that. Clearly, your hard work is paying big dividends!

    Way to go! :)

  7. Congratulations! That's just awesome. I hope you're still basking in the glow. : )

  8. Sub-6 at Wildflower immediately followed by an 8:32 at Quicksilver?!? You are getting FAAAASSSTT! We're going to have to keep at eye on you at Diablo. ;-) Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Sorry I missed you at QS - I showed up like 5 minutes before the start and did the 50k. 8:32 is a VERY respectable time for that course. I can't imagine going farther than 50k on those hills. Congrats!


  9. Scott, looking forward to Diablo as well. Although I don't think I'm supposed to race that one being that it's only two weeks before the Bighorn 100 mile. We'll see. I may just spend more time taking pictures.

  10. That's awesome, Rick! Congratulations on the PR.

  11. Rick,

    Congrats to your PR on your debut at Quicksilver 50 miles! Nice to see you there and have a chat. You're flying when you passed me.

    Have fun at Diablo and Good luck on Big Horn 100M!


  12. Thanks Chihping. Althoug you were generous when you said "flying". NIce report on Quicksilver. After my long report on Wildflower I was all blogged out. Great photos too. Good job on finishing both Miwok and Quiksliver. It's great seeing you at the races, you're very cheerful and positive.

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