Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Swim Start Video

Swim Start!
Brian McNitt's girl Jamie (raced the short course on Sunday for her first Olympic distance triathlon), took a great video of a swim start. It's done in waves and I think this was the men's 35-39B start, my wave. So great to see. Brian was also the one who shot the Piñata video and Jamie was responsible for the Piñata in the first place.


  1. I couldn't load it, but would love to see it - that was my wave!

    Congrats on your performance at Wildflower. It was great meeting you, also. Good luck this weekend.

  2. Hi Rick,

    That's actually the 35-39B wave -- we swam together! I distantly remember seeing you after the group I was in corrected it's dogleg in the second half of the swim.


  3. Ah ok Brian. Will make the correction.

  4. Meant to say "distinctly" in my last comment. ;)

  5. So now that you are done with tri's for a bit, are you ready for Quicksilver??
    Good effort, Rick, glad you had such a great time on that weekend, and your run was solid. How were the topless girls?

  6. Olga - the nude girls were a pleasant surprise. Shucks too bad it was only on that one station. Donald forgot to mention that for the rest of the course most of them were in bikinis. Also since he left Saturday night and didn't camp out, he missed out on the naked runners. One club, not to be outdone, ran naked during dinner time and made their rounds in the campground. It was still light out!

    Ran yesterday and I felt great. Should be a good time at Quicksilver. I'm psyched, another race I haven't done before.