Thursday, May 24, 2007


Greetings from Florida, where it feels warmer than it actually is...or maybe it's just me, doesn't seem to bother the other folks though. Good thing I'm only here 5 days, mom's cooking, a stocked fridge+pantry and an abundance of chain restaurants could do real damage on my diet. As it is I'll probably gain a couple, can't refuse mom's cooking.

It's been great hanging with the family and this time, with the help of my sister, I've been running on a multi-purpose trail instead of the neighborhood. It's asphalt but a lot better than concrete with fewer interruptions. I've been running in the early evening because I've been working during the day but tomorrow I think I will head out during lunch with layers on. Might as well get some heat training. This evening I was out with only 2 layers and it felt warm and humid. I'll try 3 layers tomorrow in the heat of the day or maybe that's too ambitious. We'll see, they've all been short runs, nothing more than an hour. The only hill was an overpass, like the kind Bob runs on. I get the joke now. If I lived here I'd pull a tire too.


  1. What a different climate than we're used to in the west! I'm going to be in FL (Daytona) in June to visit the mother-in-law. Fortunately it will be during a down week so I can get away with shorter runs too. You're always feels hotter than it is. Enjoy the home cooking! : )

  2. ye ye ONLY way in pancake land is to pull a tire- no hills here :-(

    Have a great time RICK with your family, eat up!! and SOAK up that humidity ahhhh feels so great:-)


    Focus, Breath & run with Purpose!

  3. Squirt =P7:45 PM

    It's kind of funny to read this blog today when just a few hours ago, someone was wanting to stay longer =P Our house is a DISASTER but at least I got my room squared away with (slowly getting my life back together Just don't forget to take care of the "baby" and approach life as if it's "your oyster." Oh and "hun" ... visit more often so we can hear more "what the hecks" out of mom-hahahaha!
    P.S. I'm typing with my keyboard protector! whoop!

  4. Heat training, dude!