Monday, March 26, 2007

What A Weekend

The whole WFTW training weekend lived up to it's billing. After hearing about how great it was for the last 3 years I've finally gone and experienced it - excellent. I am so thoroughly worn out but in a good way. Much kudos goes to Spamsi our Club Social Director who was in charge of organizing the whole thing; setting the date, securing the cabins, organizing the events, securing the coaches, getting the schwag bags printed, answering all the questions, dealing with the evite, dealing with last minute cancellations, handling the cabin overflow, dealing with the campers, stuffing all the schwag bags with all our sponsor's give aways, giving me a ride:) and a ton of other details that I don't even know about. So I'm still in the process of writing a weekend report. I also got to use Spamsi's camera and have a ton of photos to process for our club, a few select ones will make it to my report.

In the meantime check out this video that Brian McNitt did during one of the events. I'd explain it but he does a better job on his blog. Brian is an excellent guy, long time member. Speaking of videos I wish I had a video of him doing the bag game Saturday night. A drinking game where you stand on one leg, arms on the side (not allowed to touch the floor) and attempt to pick up a paper bag using only your teeth. Easy? Not when you've been riding your bike and running earlier in the day. Oh and the paper bag is shortened for difficulty. But I digress once again. Enjoy the video, check out the gorgeous weather - nuthin but sun. Back with a report later.


  1. The gal in the green is a super studette! Looks like a lot of fun.
    : )

  2. Good Video , looks like a lot of fun...that first dude off on his bike,what happened? did his wheel crap out, was hard to tell

  3. Sarah, the gal in green is one of the pro's that was on hand to mentor and coach us for the weekend - Lara. She's pretty darn quick.

    Bob, the first dude's seatpost snapped. It was made out of carbon and we are thinking that it already had fractures in it before it failed completely on that exercise. Carbon is sweet in that it's super light and super strong but hard to tell if it's been compromised.

  4. Wow, that seatpost incident couldn't have felt too good! Glad he was OK!

    Looks like everyone was having a great time. That was a very lively crowd!

  5. Thanks for the video - I'm starting to feel the excitement already!