Friday, March 16, 2007

A shirt from the SnorgTeescollection.

Made my day. I like funny shirts, I never buy them but I like them. I should come up with a couple of my own.
Happy Friday everyone. Feeling much better, got more rest this week. Bailed on the TAG tri-group training ride for tomorrow. Too short and much interruptions, plus I'm always sweeper. As much as I'd like to keep helping out I need a longer, harder ride if I'm going to get through the Wildflower Long Course triathlon in decent shape. I will be swimming with the group tonight though, although I won't be helping anyone. The volunteer becomes one of the students. I'll be lucky to keep up! I've just started my swim training. Such a slacker when it comes to the swim.

Joined a group for a 70-mile, hilly ride on the club calendar for tomorrow. I don't know anyone on that group which is nice. I know the route, if they drop me I can always make it back to the city on my own:) I should be fine. If everything feels fine Saturday I will be back out on Sunday for my usual long run and leading the club trail run at 10AM.

Here comes the weekend!


  1. come on slacker :-) get that swimming in --- I like that Picture that's a funny!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Enjoy the day of speed!

  3. Good luck on the long ride and hopefully a long run on Sunday.

  4. Hope you are enjoying your ride today. I'm cross-training with some gardening and then hopefully a long, long run tomorrow.

  5. ooo what a nice, fast, hard, hilly ride that was. About 13 people, friendly but between the regrouping / nutrition stops it was all business. My quads are a bit toasted, ahahaha woof, 6 hour run tomorrow. 70 miles.

  6. Squirt =P4:54 PM

    guess who found a nice dress?
    for a reasonable amount of moolah?
    nah just kidding, that'd be so funny though.
    we saw this dog shirt that said "obedience school drop out" and mom and i laughed.
    anyway, ill send pics later. peace out.

  7. Hope the bike ride went well. I'm starting to get nervous about getting the bike mileage in before Wildflower also.