Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday J.P.

JP B-DayJP and Dad
J.P. at Khan Toke Thai restaurant Saturday night. With dad Sunday. JP, led the club trail run and dad came along.

Saturday night I and some of J.P.'s close friends were at Khan Toke for his surprise b-day party. His girlfriend Janet organized the whole thing. He was definitely surprised. Just a good night of eating, talking and hanging out. JP is one of the good guys, responsible, honest, down to earth. You can't go wrong with a friend like that. Janet's the same way, they're a good match. Today, Sunday, he led the trail run for the club and his dad came along. Mom and Dad live close to the trail head. Word on the street is that they are pretty active. Now we know where he gets his athletic prowess from.

Happy Birthday man! A pleasure and an honor to spend part of your birthday weekend with you.


  1. Squirt1:50 PM

    awww, how sweet.
    and that cake looks oh sooooooo deadly, especially for people like you =P

  2. Happy belated to JP, the man who is responsible for my meeting Jason and then you!