Friday, March 23, 2007

WFTW Training Weekend

Pictures from a dying camera. At Fairfax during a 70-mile ride with the club. Excellent, excellent ride, legs were jelly for the rest of the weekend. Overlooking Golden Gate Bridge the next day during my long run. Need new camera!

What a crazy week. It's 4am and I'm just getting done with what needed to be done so I can skip early today for our training weekend. WFTW for Wildflower Training Weekend. It's a weekend set up to train for the Wildflower Triathlon in May but it's really more like a club retreat. We head down there today, sleep in cabins, have coached workouts and a chance to hangout and get to know other club people. About 150 us is headed out for the weekend, a little less than a 1/3 of the entire club. It's a 4 hour journey South. I've never been to training weekend because Wildflower, the actual race, always falls on the same weekend as the Miwok 100k. This year I've decided to skip Miwok for Wildflower so now it makes sense for me to go to the training weekend. Usually though people go anyway regardless if they are doing the race, rumor has it that training weekend is alot more fun than race weekend itself. We'll see, I should have a full report come Monday. Bit of some bad news though, my camera has finally called it quits. That little guy has been with me through 8 races, 9 volunteer events not to mention all the training rides and runs. Shopping for a replacement now. Has to be cheap, small and run on conventional batteries. Mebbe I can borrow a camera this weekend. We'll see.

But what a crazy week it's been, trying to squeeze 5 days into 4 was tough this week. Worked has picked up again, been up and down lately. It's been harder to get stuff done now that I've been strict about my 8 hours of sleep every night, tonight's an exception of course:) No more burning the candle on both ends. Well it will teach me to be more efficient or do with less. Been so busy I didn't even get to share with ya'll the absolutely great weekend of swimming, riding and running that I had last weekend. Ah well, next time.

Anyway just wanted to make a quick stop and wish you all a good weekend.


  1. yeah, you too. get some sleep on a ride down.

  2. Yeah you too Rick! Have a good weekend at your training camp!

  3. Squirt =P12:16 AM

    Dying camera?
    The new one?
    Or the old, bulky-ish one?
    I kind of like the second picture though-gives it a nice old touch. lol

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend! Sound like fun. : ) Good luck finding a new camera.