Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Twiddling my Thumbs

It's amazing how I've got so little to say when I'm not running:) Actually I've been a little sick. A little because it's more of a minor inconvenience than a major pain. Perfect timing though, I get sick when I'm not training...perfect. I was healthy for pretty much the whole year until this episode which started Sunday. I think someone licked my coffee cup while I wasn't looking.

Anyway I'm already getting the itch to run especially now that I have this head cold. Nothing makes me feel better and clears me up faster than a nice run, something about the fresh air and exertion. I haven't worked out in 10 days and I plan on going another 10-12 days before I slowly turn the lights back on. I plan to start with short bike rides and weights on the 17th, then take my first run on Christmas day. The way things are going now though, I may start running sooner than that. It's seems kind of nutty how strongly I feel about total rest but I swear by it. I got big plans for the next year so I want to get my rest in now. It's not just about the physical, it's also the mental. I'm loving the break from all the planning and scheduling that goes into training. I like not thinking about all that stuff for awhile.

So far so good, no bad weather so far. We need it though, we need water afterall. Our streets could use some washing as well.


  1. yep, no doubts, writing depends on running:)
    what did you mean, "you will room together", you and boys or all of you and including me?

  2. RICK WROTE:now that I have this head cold. Nothing makes me feel better and clears me up faster than a nice run, something about the fresh air and exertion.

    YES Rick, I sooo agree with that, My NYQUILL is to RUN the COLD out of ME...BUT I have never BEEN a fan of taking any type of Meds. so even if I didn't run I wouldn't take anything--LOL

    WELL Rick get your REST seems like that is something that has worked for you. You will be back into ur trainings soon enough...

    Maybe a quick Run to shake that cold though :-)

    PS: Thanks for your FOOD post reply.

  3. Hope you feel better real soon Rick.
    We can't have our ultra athlete laying around too long.;)

  4. RICK SAID...So what does that mean? Numbers are low but you feel great.

    It means I'm abnormal! ( we already knew that)

    Lung function is a funny thing. You can have horrible numbers and still feel relatively good , or you can have great numbers and feel like crap.

    Remember, I can't run at all. Sometimes I can walk fast or do a few short racewalking bursts, but generally I don't have the breath to go all out for more than a few seconds at a time. That's why I train for slower and longer distances.

    Even though my baseline lung function is only 30-40% of normal, I'm able to operate fairly well within that range. It's just that I have NO reserve , so it doesn't take much to throw me over the edge. If I catch a simple cold or even a mild asthma flare-up, I can easily end up on a ventilator.

    After dealing with this disease for 52 years , I have a pretty high tolerance for breathing discomfort, so I don't really no what it feels like to breath normal every day anyway.

  5. Thanks Steve, that's just amazing what you've done despite 30-40% normal lung capacity.

  6. All though I did not make it to Christmas, with only 73 miles of running in Novemeber it felt like quite a break. Enjoy the rest and come back mentally and physically ready for next year. I am mentally ready and now I need to get physically ready.

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    I think taking a break should be what you want it to be. For instance, if you want to, you could still run, but not actively train or follow a set schedule. I just hate how hard it is to get back if I take off too much time! : )

  8. It is hard to get back Sarah. Last year I took my first run on New Year's day. I went two miles and I was done. It comes back quickly though by February Olga had to rein me back in, "honey, I think you're doing too much too soon".