Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Belle

Christmas Belle
Iya, my cousin's adorable 2.5yr old daughter. She's lives in Manila but I might see her in May if they visit. She's pretty darn cool! Photo courtesy of Paul(dad).

There was never a time that I didn't like children, even when I was a child I loved children. Christmas is a great time because family and friends send pictures of their kids. Spending time with kids restores my faith in people and life in general. If you see me ignoring people at church and spending too much time chasing the kids around you know it's been a hard week:)

As an athlete I see energy, almost inexhaustible, spontaneous energy. I train for and run 100-milers, I'm triathlete to boot and they still wear me out. Everytime I visit my friend Rozanne and her kids I'm always knocked out on the train ride home. This is why I have much respect for Olga, Rob, Donald, Sarah and other folks like them who have children and still manage to train and run the races they do. As a graphic designer I see raw, spontaneous, creative power. They dance, draw, sculpt, act, make believe, construct, paint, sing...have I missed anything? With them there are no "boxes", everything is fair game. As a Christian I see innocence, how we once were before...hmm...before life took over. When we had short memories and trusted easily. When we were easily pleased. When fairytales were happy stories and when we actually believed there was a guy in a red suit giving gifts on Christmas day. When I believed I could be anyone I wanted to be.

Hope the holidays is going well for everyone. It can be so crazy I know.


  1. "When we had short memories and trusted easily. When we were easily pleased."

    Loved it. So true...when they also say what they think and don't cover up yet with "what has to be said". When they hug just because, and not as a result of future planning. When they cry from hurt and don't hold back. When they laugh silly and can't explain why...

    The girl is so adorable, in her little dnace of own grace!

  2. She is a cutie and I hope you get to see her soon. The kids definitely make it more interesting trying to get the training in, but my wife is supportive and I think my kids appreciate my running. Not always, but mostly.

  3. What a cutie pie! : ) Your words really capture the wonder of childhood. Sometimes its hard to remember that we were there once too. We should all try more to be like children, without all the barriers we place on ourselves as adults.

  4. Squirt1:20 PM

    Rick...I've decided for you to just forget girls, just adopt some kids so I can have some nephews and nieces already! lol
    Just playing.
    Cute pic of Iya...too bad no pic of her and baby bro.
    Today we're going to a surprise bday party for Big Gary (it's his bday today, btw).
    Hope it goes alright.
    Peace out.

  5. Daddy Paul1:35 PM

    Hi Cuzin Rick! Thanks for posting Iya's picture! Will be sending you more pictures particularly after John Paul's first bday on Jan 2, 2007. The last few years have been quite busy and I look forward for more years of 'children time' considering Baby # 3 is coming! My oh my! :O) Life's been truly chaotic lately! But the fun of it all is having to deal with the hardships with... love, affection and joy! God bless!

  6. Very cute girls! And thanks for the props. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I got to this point, but somehow when you're taking it in small doses, it doesn't seem like such a big deal. Parenting is a lot like ultrarunning in that way.

    Merry Christmas to you.