Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Fun

Hippo the Christmas Ornament. Click here for more images.

So there I was, corporate in-the-box graphic designer and there she was out-of-the-box spontaneous dynamic creative. In between us an array of tools and random craft and art supplies. The Dremmel drill was plugged in, the glue gun was hot and ready. The challenge was to come up with random, ugly, tacky yet funny christmas ornaments. This all got started last Tuesday when Sharona took a trip to her favorite neighborhood and saw this at a Christmas shop; Elephant on base with wheels, clutching candy cane with a Christmas tree on top. So horribly tacky that it's lovely. Sharona you see has a weak spot for these type of x'mas ornaments. But not wanting to part with her $25, I suggested that we should just create our own. So this past Saturday, after a quick stop at the bargain toy section at Ross and the school supplies section of Rite Aid, we set to work.

So check them out. If you leave a comment please let me know which one(s) you liked. I did not, did not mean for the Panda to look like it was getting busy with the dolphin. I meant for the Panda to RIDE the dolphin like people do in Marine shows...but no one believes me. Enjoy.


  1. -spamsi12:26 AM

    Those are AWESOME! Way better than that $25 piece of crap they were trying to peddle.

  2. I only went to see it after your intro on dolphin:)
    I liked an elephant and a duck the most. Do I get them now? Adorable! Really cute. I had no idea you have such talant. No, really. I think I might switch into X-mas spirit and ask you to send me one - you can even do it after the X-mas tree is dismounted, we have a New Year and our own X-mas later anyway.
    Very nice work with Rite Aid supply!!

  3. Love the post! It's Hippo's big debut!

  4. How fun! I like the ducky first and the elephant a close 2nd. I may just have to try this myself. : )

  5. LOLOLOLOLOL Ahhh that's great ... Rubber Ducky is my Fav.

    I would like to put in an order for 500 please before X-Mas to drop from a plane over a crowded beach - haha



  6. Tough call. I really liked the Hippo, elephant and rubber ducky...Too close to call a clear winner, but I think there was something endearing about the Hippo......and they were way better than the $25 fact, not even close!


  7. I think the hippo is my favorite.