Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

"Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - That's what boys are made of". This was the note I got back from my friend Kate this afternoon at church. Makes you wonder what I said in the first place. Yes there was a bit of grade school happening on Pew 8 this afternoon. I've been somewhat of a curmedgeon this holiday season and I thought I'd spread some of that love afternoon. Thank God for good friends though. I left church in a much better mood and plans for the evening. You see I had decided beforehand to spend a quiet evening in for New Year's Eve; some food, a good movie, the windows wide open and a warm blanket. Then just before midnight I was going to go for a walk towards the wharf to see the fireworks. I stayed the course for a good 20mins. I talked my way out of two invitations for New Years Eve festivities but eventually I caved. That's really the secret you know...if you want me to do something/to be part of something you just keep sending people to ask me till I say yes. How do you think my teammates convinced me to run for this year's Tri-Club Board as Run Director. So anyway I am now on my way to the Elk's Club for a few pints and hopefully some good conversation to welcome the New Year. The great thing is that it's only 2.5 blocks from my apartment. I promise to misbehave politely and safely...ha, actually I can't be out too late. I've got a run and a bay swim tomorrow to welcome the new year. Wasn't my idea but more than happy to join that group. The water is so cold this time of the year but nothing the body can't acclimate to with the help of a wetsuit. Well it's about that time...I hope you all have a great and safe New Year's Eve. See you in the next year.


  1. Happy New Year, silly boy, made of frogs:)

  2. Hi Rick Hope U enjoyed just a FEW pints for New Years Eve...and had a great swim today!!

    Frog ON :-)