Friday, December 08, 2006


So I got two pieces of mail related to the Western States 100-mile run today. First was my rejection letter and my check back, I knew that was coming. The other was a "Certificate of Appreciation", this was the surprise. It's all official looking with the gold seal of the United States Senate and everything. At the bottom it was signed in blue marker by Barbara Boxer, United States Senator. Do senators really sign stuff like this or do they have one of their aides do it? Basically it says; Presented to Rick Gaston, 33rd Annual Western States Endurance Run, in recognition of your outstanding accomplishments, signed and dated. Kind of crazy. Olga do you always get one of these when you finish WS? Kind of makes me laugh. Yeah 100's are hard events and yes it's the most famous one of them all, the grand daddy...but a certificate signed by my Senator for finishing? Really?

Anyway it was mailed unprotected on a white envelope and so one side of it is all creased and messed up. You know who would love this?, my mother..."look what they gave me Ma!". I'm not sure why it took 6 months. Well they should also give these out to the Race Directors, of any distance ultra. Hmm...maybe they do already.


  1. Wow, Post a picture of it if you can.

  2. -spamsi8:52 PM

    parents love anything that's a certificate signed by a politician!

  3. WTG Rick... Frame it and give it to your Mom for Christmas :-)

  4. What I want to know is why Barbara Boxer? Why not Dianne Feinstein? Or Arnie? : )

  5. Yeah, I agree, I want Arnie!

    You know, this is the first time, and I was as surprised, and felt as stupid. I was like: this is what? For what place? You couldn't send it the previous year, when that very place looked much better? By a senator? She has nothing else to do in the office? Whatever...and even my parents wouldn't like it...hmm, they just don't like me running at all, so it's irrelevant.
    Buckle, on the other hand, is something I keep close to my heart, phisycally and emotionally.

  6. You know, I'm not sure why Barbara. It would have been better if the Governator had signed it.

    Yeah I love my Cascade Crest Buckle, my first buckle. I wear it all the time, you just never know cause I'm not a tucked in shirt kind of person.

  7. I agree, the certificate from a senator seems to be taking it a bit to far. The buckle is the prize.

  8. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Congrats! Your lola would love that...why not send it to her in a frame for X'Mas...