Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back On!

Nope still not running but volunteering. Yeah I know, again. I did question the wisdom of being up early Saturday in what could be rainy cold weather especially since I'm still fighting this head cold but I was drawn by the promise of compensation; entries to a future race, some cash maybe, I think there was even a mention of an iShuffle. Well mostly I just wanted to be out and the guy putting on the race is part of the ultra community here. He broke his ankle in some "incident". This will be fun, I do a lot of runs in the area where they are having the race. So some schwag+local race+help out a local, it's good situation.


  1. WTG Rick!! being HELPful is a GOOD thing, You will have a fun time.

  2. Enjoy! I am back too - to training!

    And, sorry, I picked SS - Scott Dunlap wants to see me cry:) I love to cry, you know that. But I'll have Leona/QS saved for 2008, I promise!!! And I plan to come for Firetrails to see you!

  3. Ain't no thing there's Bighorn. Firetrails really, that would be fun.

  4. Some nice schwag would probably convince me too. : )

    Oohh...I want to do Firetrails!