Monday, December 26, 2005

Goodbye Fog


For my readers (and there ain't a whole lot of you) who have not seen fog, well this is what it looks like. This is coming into the San Francisco Ferry landing at the Embarcadero. I've been in thicker fog but never in a boat. The day before I left San Francisco I had lunch with a friend in Mill Valley, a town north of the Golden Gate bridge. I took the bus there and on the way back, seeing how wonderfully foggy it was, I took the ferry back. 10 minutes out of Larkspur landing there was nothing to see but fog all around. Without a compass you'd never find your way. I totally understand now how sailors of the past could run their ships aground on places such as this. Thankfully it was just fog, the past few days it had also been raining heavily coupled with strong winds. The ship sounded off it's foghorn every couple of minutes, which was deafening but neccessary, and we could hear the same from other ships. The weather in San Francisco has been pretty bad the last couple of weeks with more coming but less people mind it this time of the year because some of it translates to snow in the mountains. Good bye bike, Hello snowboard. The weather has also been blamed on the shortage of dungeness crab, it's bad enough that the fisherman have not been able to retrieve their crab pots. I'm allergic to crab so I don't care either way on the matter.

Well thankfully I made it out of San Francisco Christmas Eve without incident. I was worried that the heavy fog would delay my flight. I only had an hour to make my connecting flight in Colorado. I love the fog but I don't particularly like being stuck in an airport, who does!? The usual holiday news travel coverage showed a bunch of people stuck in San Francisco International so I prepared for a possible snafu in my travels. I brought books, magazines, newspapers and music for entertainment and a 32 ounce bottle of Tang for sustenance. Ya heard me, Tang. Yes I know, I know, oranges don't really taste like this. Anyway the whole trip went unbelievably smooth and my Nalgene bottle of Tang went untouched.

So now I'm in Orlando, Florida. The weather outside is clear, sunny yet cool. Perfect for doing absolutely nothing:) Which is going to happen today because my sister and I are stranded in the house with no cars. This is blessed relief from work, the phone, work emails, and the pressure to do something.

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